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Dear Diary

Dear Diary – 20 to do in twenty-sixteen

Dear Diary,

Every year I love to charge forth into the new year with solid to do list… it’s my thing. I don’t often manage to cross everything off, life tends to get in the way but it’s still fun nonetheless. My list isn’t necessarily the whole “new year, new me” malarkey, but more a gentle guideline of things I want to get done or achieve. I’m not giving up coffee or becoming vegetarian nor am I about to go on a silent retreat in the woods.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.52.23 am

My 2016 list is a mixture of tasks and goals of varying significance. Something are things that everyone should do at least once in their lives, and others are simply things I want to do.

Don’t ever begrudge someone who is willing to formulate a plan and stride boldly into the new year intent on kick some butt and getting shit done. I think it’s great for people to recognise a need or desire to change and action it… I’ve got friends who have dedicated themselves to all sorts of things and achieved.

Thus I present to you the 2016 list.

  1. Create a photo book of my own photos – this of course means using my DSLR camera more.
  2. Master a strict pull up.
  3. Finally watch Lord Of The Rings.
  4. Visit the Auckland Night Markets and the Otara Markets.
  5. Bake a cake – I don’t think I’ve ever actually baked a cake, average muffins yes… but not a cake.
  6. Climb Mt Pirongia in the Waikato.
  7. Fire a gun…
  8. Read at least 5 books – once upon a time I used to read a lot, and then life kinda got in the way.IMG_1024
  9. Attend a yoga class.
  10. Swim in the sea – No only will I swim in the sea, I’ll do wearing just my swimwear and not hiding under my board shorts and t-shirt. I haven’t swam in the sea in years for various reasons relating to low self esteem.
  11. Send more care packages to friends and family.
  12. Attend a play.
  13. Host a cocktail evening.IMG_1025
  14. Go on a night time, candle light picnic.
  15. Play boardgames with friends.
  16. Buy something from a second hand shop.
  17. Go camping.
  18. Pay it forward… Do one random act of kindness each month… expect nothing in return and tell no one.
  19. Make a meal for my husband and friends
  20. Take more photos with friends

I’ll keep you post on how I go.


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  1. Rochelle

    That’s a beautiful to do list!!
    Such an amazing list of things too… maybe i especially love that fire a gun made it in

  2. Darren

    Love the list, can you add Star Wars Episodes 4 to 6 to your list of films.

    Then we can stay friends.

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