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Dear Diary

2016 Lessons And A Failed To Do List

Each year passes with new lessons learned, we don’t necessarily always grow wiser, but as we get older and slide from one year into the next we definitely do so with a few life lessons under our belt. But life lessons are can be tricky…

Not all life lessons are enormous and mind blowing.

Not all life lessons have positive results.

Not all life lessons are applicable to everyone, you can’t take what you’ve learned and force it upon someone else.

Everyone is responsible for their own life lessons, responsible for what they choose to see as a lesson and what they ultimately choose to ignore. 2016 presented me with some key

In 2016 I untimely learned that I am not a tree… I am not rooted to the spot. If I’m not happy with the way things are I can instigate change. Life’s too short to be stuck in a job you dislike or missing out on the things you enjoy. Don’t worry about how it looks on your C.V, worry about dragging your ass to a job you don’t enjoy. Don’t worry about your chore list, worry about looking back and seeing on the chores you’ve done. There are no prizes for sticking it out in situations that drain your happiness and tarnish your soul.

2016 was a crazy kaleidoscope, liquorish all sorts kinda year. I look back at some parts of 2016 and they feel like a lifetime ago, while other parts don’t even seem like reality. I crossed off some amazing achievements, had some harebrained ideas. I walked 100km over 34 hours. I made my first ever cake. I toured the U.K in a campervan with my husband. I left my job, for another job, and then left that second job for a different job. I learned that it’s tiring being something or someone that you’re not. I’m working on in embracing who I am.

I wrote my standard 2016 To Do List, and then typically crossed off only half the items like I usually do. So there isn’t really a brand new 2017 To Do List, instead, the 2016 list is now the 2017 To Do List…. and voila just like that, I have now half completed the 2017 To Do List. Clever right?!

I’ve crossed out one item, because it’s my prerogative, and I don’t think I actually give a shit about doing a pull up… I have bigger fish to fry, or cocktails to make as the case may be. I have decided that in 2017 there things I’d like to focus on, but more on that later.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Michaela

    I love that you just evolved to your current list! Here’s to a pretty damn awesome 2017 xx

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