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A House in Hunterville

I was quite intrigued by this sad house, which would have once been a loved home in the heart of a small tight knit community. Torn net curtains still hung in the windows, and a coffee mug still sat on the mantel over the fire place. I thought it was sad that in this modern world a house like this in a small town was almost surplus to requirements.


Hunterville is a tiny little dot on State Highway in the heart of the Rangitikei District in the Manawatu (between Taupo and Wellington), with a population of approximately 500 and a handful of shops and couple of cafes Hunterville is best know for it’s annual Hunterville Huntaway Festival. The Huntaway Festival is great example of Rural New Zealand at it’s best, if you haven’t been you should check it out or at least stop, and a stroll around the small township next time you pass through.