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Dear Diary – 30 and still awesome.

Dear Diary,

This week I turned 30. Once upon a time I thought 30 meant I’d have my shit sorted, I‘d be taller, richer and a proper adult. As I languished lazily in my final days of being 29, it was abundantly clear I wasn’t about to be taller, richer or suddenly a completely different person.

While searching for pearls of wisdom on turning 30, I instead found lists… hundreds and hundreds of lists, highlighting things to do before turning 30. The lists FYI are depressing. I hadn’t done half these things, read half these books, and hadn’t been to half these places. Advice for anyone turning 30, or turning 29 and already feeling anxious about turning 30 in 2015, do not read the lists!!! In fact the famed Sunscreen song should be revised to include “Do not read Internet lists they will only make you feel shit house”.

Clearly I’m not the first person to turn 30, so I’ve been soaking up advice from other people. Most people highlighted turning 30 as the point they stopped caring what others thought, where success is no longer measured against anyone else. Figuratively I’ve stomped my foot and loudly proclaimed that I will no longer allow anyone to bring me down, my success and happiness is not measured against anything you or anyone else does. A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders almost, I only wish I came to this realisation years ago.

This has really been my goal all a long; with this I imagine other things will flow. I imagine now that I’m 30 I will soon let of caring so much about what others think and strut round with newfound confidence in myself.

While my 30th birthday celebration had a total attendance of 3 of my invited friends due to a tropical cyclone, and my FRIENDS fountain dance was a bit of a fizz it’s been a great birthday, filled with great unexpected gifts, birthday wishes birthday hugs and laughs and catching up with great friends from the past. Luckily I don’t measure my worth by the number of attendees at a party and awesomeness requires no audience.

Now I can focus on the rest of plan for awesomeness. I should be clear, while it’s a “focus” it’s not an all consuming, list compiling type of focus… that would obsessive not awesome and life should always have time for you to “wing it”

A reminder my steps for being more awesome or in short:

Be more positive
Do More For Others
Do More For Family
Find A Hobby or Passion
Do more – get out and experience life more

My first focus is going to be the one I’ll struggle with the most… Being more positive. At the end of each week until the end of April I will list 7 positive things out the week just gone, and will fine myself 50cent for any negative comments (I will give the money to charity at end of April).

Wish me luck


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  1. pearl jolly/pretty mayhem

    Hi Dee, I just found your blog through the NZ blog collective and I’m so glad. I love the look and vibe of your blog. I also really like your steps for being more awesome, especially the one about being more present. All the best of luck – I’m sure you’ll rock your thirties x

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