Mild adventurer. Prolific daydreamer. Always authentic.
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Why The Restless Empire?

The Restless Empire is a celebration of authenticity and uniqueness, dedicated to random adventures,  trying new things, spreading happiness, personal growth and wellbeing.

What started as a blog highlighting my personal journey with depression and anxiety, it was initially just my adventures, my battles and my lifestyle. But….there’s more to me than “mental illness” and The Restless Empire has morphed into a collection of the sweeter things in life.

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got” – Janis Joplin

An ever changing space, The Restless Empire is an honest magazine style blog with a mixture of content from a variety of places including a regular Dear Diary feature.

“I love your post on your blog last night. You have a great way with words… Just wanted you to know that” – Anonymous 

I live in the small beach community of Maraetai, near Auckland, with my Husband, a cat named Timmy and two dogs (Rufus and Sparky).

Sparky and I Rufus and I
I’m coffee drinking chocolate fiend who is easily distracted. I love the outdoors and am highly talkative. A daydreamer at heart, I’m a vertically challenged, worry wart, who love all things retro and is often a little weird… b
ut most importantly I’m just me, being me and working on being happy.

Consider this space to be a technic-coloured dream coat of content.