Mild adventurer. Prolific daydreamer. Always authentic.

About Me!

Hello, I’m Dee.

My decision to start this blog came from my desire to be awesome, which steamed from a need for change and personal growth. Unhappy with person I’d become, change was the only option. The 2014 Awesomeness Project is my journey to awesomeness and happiness.

Originally named this blog was all me, all the time but upon realising that others were also after a creative outlet and had something to share I decided to create a shared space… and thus The Restless Empire was born.

I live in the idyllic beach community of Maraetai (near Auckland) in little ole New Zealand with my Fiancé, a cat named Timmy and a puppy named Rufus.

This 2014 Awesomeness Project is more than just a blog about me; I wanted to inspire people, make people smile and encourage people to take life by the balls and be awesome! As someone who has always struggled with self-confidence and depression I’m just an ordinary gal on a mission inspired by Jimi Hunt ( Don’t know who Jimi is? Check out

I’m a daydreamer, over-thinker, worry-wart and chatter box who is easily distracted and has a tendency to talk to myself. At times I take things to heart but I’m working on growing a thicker skin and letting things go… aiming to live more for today and worry less about what’s around the corner. Stick around and be apart of the journey, at times I will fail, and I times I will stumble but as Baz Luhrmann said “The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself”.

Consider this space to be technic-coloured dream coat of content, on The Restless Empire you’ll find; my quest for awesomeness, inspiration which is as much for me as it is you, links to other blogs, food, travel fashion a few random items thrown in for good measure. I’ve always been a creative person, and truly love to write (and daydream). I’m at my happiest when I’m writing and believe it’s crucial to leave time in life for what makes you happy. So let the washing pile up, and dishes sit dirty for a while and make time for what makes you happy and ultimately awesome.

Note I’m not a fashionista, I’m not a beauty blogger, I’m just lil ole (newly 30) me. I don’t profess to be an expert in much. I want to inspire and be inspired, I want to make people smile, instil confidence, share interesting material and be a source of entertainment!

I need two coffees in order to function; I have an overactive imagination, love Jelly Tip ice cream but definitely shouldn’t eat it. I am the eldest child with one younger brother, and grew up in Hamilton. Once upon a time thought I was going to be a farmer when I grew up, until I was informed I’d still have to be a farmer in the winter outside in the rain, so instead I work in retail marketing.

I believe in paying it forward, and giving to those with less. It breaks my heart to think about people struggling and going with out in this day and age. Through Variety New Zealand, The Children’s Charity my Fiancé and I sponsor a Kiwi girl, helping to meet her health and education needs hopefully providing her with a brighter future.

Awesomeness is contagious. Awesomeness is a choice. Choose to be infected!

So pop back to check out the blog.

I’m Dee, nice to meet you.