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Dear Diary – Always At This Time Of Year

Dear Diary,

I always get to this time of year and I’m eager to put up the Christmas tree, flip over the calendar and move on to January. To me, the rest of the year is a write-off… its all deadlines, Christmas parties, chores and that final push to December 31st. We’re all rushing to the finish line and talking about summer holidays and New Year’s eve plans. I’m done with this year and ready for the next.

The last few years I’ve set myself impossible goals and life challenges for the year ahead. I’ve almost always failed. In 2014 I was going to be more awesome, but ultimately ended up more depressed. In 2015 though, I set myself the challenge of being more confident… and by George I think I’ve done it. I’m not about to invest in booty shorts, offer to be a life coach or enter a reality TV show but I have done a lot of things in 2015 that I wouldn’t have in 2014.

In 2015 I’ve done Relay For Life with a group not constructed entirely out of people I know… I took up Cross Fit… I did The Madness… I entered an online Cross Fit competition… I’ve made brilliant new friends… I’ve persevered. I’ve gone out a limb. I’ve tried new things. I’ve ridden my mountain bike down actually trial, ones I used to walk down even. I’ve stuck at things, which were hard and struggled through alongside (albeit slightly further behind) people who are much fitter than I am.

I’ve gone to parties when I’d rather hide at home, and I’ve stayed at home when I’m tired without out fear of missing out or being talked about in my absence.

I’m not fearless. I’m not always confident. I’m also not always afraid. I’m less concerned about being judged by others. There are days, and moments when I’m hard on myself and competitive with not only myself but others too.

Rather than some convoluted task, impossible life goal or personal challenge I think in 2016 I will just focus on me… being me, being healthy, being happy, being active and most of all, being kind to me.