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Rough Paws? Be Kind To Your Hands

Rough Paws? Be Kind To Your Hands My rating: 5 out of 5


As you can tell my tube of Antipodes Delight Hand & Body Cream has been well used so far. I’m generally not that great with hand creams, I buy them and use them once and forget all about them or inevitably they get lost in transit and disappear from my handbag. The difference with Antipodes Delight, like many of their products is the sweet scent, in this case it’s Vintage Gardenia. I’ve made special effort not to lose this one because I’m so in love with its addictive scent and of course how well it works.

Antipodes Delight lives in my desk draw at work, and during a “mini break” from starring at my computer screen I’ll massage some into my hands…. It’s like my reward for being good. The problem is the smell is soooo amazing my co-workers can when I’m using it, and they know I have it and it’s only a matter of time before I’m expected to share.  It will leave your hands slightly greasy at first but that quickly absorbs into the skin. I spend a lot of time in the garden, and I’m pretty tough on my hands so I do need a hand cream which is thick and will do wonders for my tiny dry lil paws and this certainly does the trick.

Where to buy Antipodes Delight Hand & Body Cream: MyNaturalHealth $35.50,  Farmers $42.90, Antipodes Nature $47

IMG_7897Sick of greasy hand creams which fade to nothingness? I’m forever being sucked in by the promise of silky hands but more often than not it’s just another hand cream which sits in the draw.

I’m pretty tough on my hands. I love to garden, but never wear gloves and I don’t use gloves at the gym either. I shift large ceramic pots around the garden on a regular basis and I blast the heater in my office. So needless to say my hands can get pretty rough.

While some people seem to love the ritual of applying hand cream and like chapstick seem to reapply throughout the day, I don’t have time for that.

Introducing Aveeno Active Naturals – Intense Relief Hand Cream, which exactly like it says is intense. Unlike other long last hand creams Aveeno Intense Relief isn’t slimy or greasy, you don’t  end up with instantly over moisturised hands which revert back to rhino skin in a matter of hours.

I wear perfume and I don’t want smelly hand cream, no matter how “nice” the scent is meant to be. My new found love has an extremely subtle, almost non-existent scent which is ever so slightly sweet.

Where to buy Aveeno -Intense Relief Hand Cream: Countdown $8.99 for One Card holders, Farmers $12.99, Life Pharmacy $14.99.