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Awesome August

[cue woop woop noises]

I’ve been looking forward to Awesome August since… well since last August and tomorrow it’s finally AUGUST!!!! Awesome August is another Live More Awesome – Jimi Hunt extravaganza, and encourages us to focus on the simple pleasures and wonders in life that we often forget about. This year it feels like Awesome August couldn’t have come too soon, for those of us here in New Zealand it’s a much needed ray of sunshine after gloomy winter days and crumby weather.

The concept is straight forward, each day capture a photo representing the corresponding day on the below chart (check out the website for the full details of each pic) Post your picture to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (or all 3 if you’re into social media like me) and ta-da! you’re Awesoming August.

In 2013 I started the Awesome August Photo Challenge, thinking it was just that… a photo challenge.  I figured I would just snap away, take pictures and that would be it, but as August 31st 2013 drew nearer, I realised I was going to miss Awesome August… I was going to miss thinking each day about the little things which make my life awesome.

Awesome August forces you to make plans and think about what you’d like to get out of each day. We went on all sorts of fun adventures including a candlelit night picnic in Kawhia after road tripping down to the Waikato. It’s the perfect chance to get creative and get social… following your friends via various social media platforms and finding ways of ticking off each days photo.

Day 9 (2013) – A Night Out, we had a night time picnic after a wee roadie to the beach

Day 16 (2013) – Up High, the view from our roof.

Jimi signed off his piece about Awesome August 2014 with “… we would really like to get this photo adventure out there as much as we can, so if you would be so kind, please share this page or the image itself with your friends.” and  I most definitely implore you to share this with friends and family and encourage EVERYONE to do the Awesome August Photo-a-day Challenge!

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