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Awesomeness – The Quest Continues

Piles of failed New Years resolutions clutter up my mental to-do list. Once upon a time in previous New Years, as we cruised into the next year I had grand plans; which now lie in piles, unfulfilled and unaccomplished. I’ve previously planned to climb mountains, get fit and healthy, lose weight, read more, do more creative writing more, write letters to family, be kinder to others, be stylish, be tidier … and list goes on and on and on (add a few more “on and on’s” in there). This time I’m serious, in 2014 I’m going to be awesome.

I’ve been thinking about it more and more, and my 2014 resolution to be awesome is my best and most fail-safe resolution yet. Why? Because it’s non-specific, I can decide how I will be awesome and ultimately only I can determine at the end of the year whether I’ve failed or succeeded…. Where as weight loss and climbing mountains is more of an either or situation, you either failed or you didn’t becoming awesome is more a state of mind.

On my quest to be awesome I will:

Be more positive – Tricky for me as I do enjoy a good whine and moan. In the past I’ve looked at positive, upbeat people with distain and instead enjoyed languishing in a pool of sarcasm, swear words and cutting comments.

Do more for others – Something I generally think about and never actually do. Don’t get me wrong I do donate to charity and fund-raise for not-for-profit organisations but I don’t often help someone by taking time out of my day. I can recognize when someone needs help, wants to be included or is feeling blue but fear of not really knowing how to help often stands in my way.

In my mind I think about these great ways to make someone else’s day just that little bit better but for some reason that’s only ever as far as I get.  Yet thinking about it I do love it when someone does something for me… I should really be paying it forward and as some would say “send out some good karma”.

Do more for family – This goes hand and hand with doing more for others, but is specific to family members. You only have one family, and they are of course the people who have generally been there since the beginning. Life isn’t always about doing exactly what you want, but making other people happy by doing something for them. You may not feel like visiting family or returning to place full of memories from the past, but that’s what you do for family. Personally I find in the end making family happy does actually make me happy too.

Family can be tricky, stressful, heartbreaking and sometimes demanding but being there for family is what we do. We’re there for family to lean on when times are tough, when emotions are raw and when the future is uncertain in the same way when we need someone they’ll be there for us.

In the end the simple statement “do unto others as you want done to you” rings true, in other words treat people especially family how you’d like to be treated in the same situation. Think long and hard… would you like to be abandoned or have someone to lean on? Would like to feel alone and isolated or feel strength in numbers knowing you’ve got family?

Family is a strong word with so much weight and emotion behind it. Having family is an honour and should treated as such because you never know when a family member will be gone for good and you won’t get a second chance.

It truly upsets me when I see someone taking family for granted, or when people let rifts from the past clutter up present. What if they died tomorrow?! What if they were taken from you tomorrow never to return?!

Find a hobby or passion – I don’t think I’ve ever had a proper hobby; I just flit from one thing to the next. When I first met my now Fiancé he said “shopping and hanging out with friends aren’t actual hobbies” and he’s right they’re not hobbies, just pieces of life. Awesome people probably don’t just sit around waiting to be entertained or waiting for life to happen, they have something which gets their blood pumping and steals they’re attention.

Currently I could say this blog is my hobby, but I’m not dedicated to enough other things to call them a hobby but I’m working on it. I’ve a short list of hobbies, which I’m aiming to cram into 2014:

  • Reading: non-fiction, it’s my favourite escape and I should do more of it.
  • Walking: I do enjoy a good walk with a view and my headphones it’s good to be alone with my thoughts
  • Writing: hence the blog (duh!)
  • Gardening: We have a blank canvas for a section, and I do enjoy buying the plants I guess I’m just not a huge fan of the maintenance but I think I could combine what I love about walking with my gardening and voila!
  • Photography: I bought the expensive camera and I do enjoy taking photos but for some reason past failures (like high school photography – failing by 3 marks) and other people being much better than me stopped me, but that’s bull sh*t! Someone will always be better than me, and I certainly won’t get better without trying. So I’ve tied photography to this blog also.

Do more While I’m not ready to give up my afternoon nana-naps over the weekend I am determined to get out and do more with my time…  So watch this space!

Currently I’m approaching “do more” by putting aside part of my weekend to do nothing… stay with me this will start to make sense. When I say “do nothing” I mean I’m not working, I’m not doing household chores and I’m certainly not worrying about the working week ahead I’m doing things for entertainment. So I declared earlier this week that I was having Sunday off and suggested the Fiancé go mountain biking with friends (his hobby), which means I won’t be doing nothing while he’s doing something.

It might sound lazy to some or over thinking things if I’m planning my do nothing moments but it’s good start, and perhaps in a few months I can wing it and not end up lying on the couch watching telly. I’ve lightly planned my Sunday, so it’s written in pencil rather than being set in concrete.

Sunday 12th January (do nothing, do something):

  • Walk at local regional park.
  • A blood pumping round of Pole Tennis – I figured every beach house should have Pole Tennis so I bought one, so I’d best use it.
  • Catch up with a friend.
  • Whatever I want.
  • Whatever takes my fancy.
  • Whatever I feel like.

Furthermore I strongly believe awesome people don’t care what others think and have faith in themselves, which is something I always struggle with. I’m pretty quick to praise others and put myself down, I judge myself harshly and often feel like I don’t measure up so in addition to the above I’m going to drop my insecurities and have more confidence in who I am. I AM AWESOME!

This Christmas I received a Christmas card from my boss which said “you’re a great Brand Manager, you just need to have more confidence in yourself” something more than one person mentioned in 2013 and they’re all right I do, people don’t want to listen to your bag yourself time and time again it’s tiring and as of now I’m going to stop. I AM AWESOME!

For good measure here are 5 things about me I like:






Okay thinking of things I like about myself is tricky, and I don’t want to sound like an over-confident Wally… and I really don’t know where to start or what to consider. I’ll think this through more, work on it and get back to you shortly, I promise.

All in all my resolution is to take life by the balls, and get more out of it. I’m bound to occasionally fail, and will most certainly trip up but I’m determined to keep on truckin’ because I AM AWESOME.

I’ll keep you posted.


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