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I’ve changed up my beauty routine recently, gone are my daily Estée Lauder DoubleWear applications and heavy make-up… I’ve opted for a lighter, natural, easy process. I’m more focused good skin rather than heavy duty coverage of average skin.

Currently these are my go to’s

Lipdol Cleansing Oil & Overnight face Oil – $9.95 each


I find nothing removes grime and makeup quite like this oil cleanser. I use it largely at the end of day to literally wash away the day… grime and make-up bind with the Lipidol Cleansing Oil as I massage it into my skin, I then add a little water and continue massaging which creates a creamy texture which I then simply rinse off.

The Overnight Cleansing Oil is something use 2-3 times a week, it’s not something I’d use every single night simply through fear of turning into oily skinned mess. The Overnight Face Oil works to protect and replenish my skin’s natural oily layer which get stripped away by daily exposure to the elements like wind, sun and pollution.

There’s been a lot of talk lately around the benefits of oil based skincare… and given this price point, I’m keen to see if oil is the answer.

Lipidol is currently only available at Farmers department stores.

Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Nude Palette- $79 

IMG_6691I have multiple nude palette variations in my make-up collection, but undoubtedly most of them contain one or two … icky colours which I’ll never touch, but not the Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Nude Palette a collection of wearable shades which are gorgeous in texture.

I find the Ultimate Nude Palette shades don’t sit heavily on my skin and when rushing between the gym and work they’re super easy to apply in rush without the danger of getting horribly wrong. The palette ideal for those morning when I get ready at the gym mostly because my eyeshadow, check colour and contouring shades are all in the one handy dandy palette (8 eyeshadows PLUS 4 highlighting and contouring tones!). I don’t need to pre-plan my make-up routine, or go to work with flat dull eyeshadow and the shades are easily built on – making that transition from the subtle natural look to a more glamours look (should the need arise) super easy.

Available from

Reviva Labs, Vitamin E Stick – $2.80

IMG_6693iHerb claim this Vitamin E Stick by Reviva is suitable for lip and under eye protection, I’ve never put it under my eye so can’t comment on that. BUT … I have used it as lip protection, and it’s great. I was sick and tired of forking out for Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Lip Protectant and then misplacing it or accidentally melting it in the sun. This product does the job and its CRAZY CHEAP, when I purchased it from iHerb it was heavily discounted, so much so I couldn’t say no.

The texture of this isn’t super greasy or slimy so I can easily apply it before my lip colour,  it protects against dryness and the elements as it contains Vitamin E and has an sun protection factor of 15.

Antipodes Beauty, Mineral Foundation SPF17- $46.90


Unlike other powders which I often find drying and scratchy the Antipodes Mineral Powder is almost hydrating and silky and isn’t full of talcum powder either. I love the mineral powders natural colouring and coverage  and it’s crazy easy to apply. I simply sprinkle a small amount of powder into the lid, and then work powder it into my Antipodes natural hair kabuki brush work using a circular motion. Then of course I tap off any excess before applying to my skin in sweeping circular motions. For areas which require a little more coverage I just layer a little more foundation on.

It helps reduce facial flushing, while earth minerals help balance oil production, rescue blemished skin and provide the most natural of tones. This lightweight foundation is superb for all skin conditions including normal, oily, blemish-prone and rosacea.

I’m loving the feeling of being in my own skin rather than that mask feeling that you get with heavy foundations. It’s also much nicer to wear in summer ….



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