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Holy moly! Expensive socks…

Holy moly! Expensive socks… My rating: 5 out of 5

You’d be forgiven for thinking socks are just socks and there is no way a $30 pair of socks is any different from a pack of 10 socks for the same price. Well that’s my Dad’s thought on the whole expensive sport sock issue.


BUT YOU ARE WRONG… I didn’t want you to be wrong, but you are. Don’t worry I wanted $30 socks to feel exactly like $10 socks too. The difference between most socks and what I am now dubbing magical walking socks is these Drymax socks have dual layers which help prevent blisters. For someone like me who is prone to blisters and enjoys long walks this is a godsend!!!

These magical dual layers 0f innovative fabric eliminate moisture, control friction and reduce heat… and with added cushioning mean your feet are drier and more comfortable. The impact of walking is lessened and your feet aren’t a soggy mess.

Trail walking/running is obviously very different from pounding the pavement, for a start there’s a lot more dirt and a lot track variation in terms of tree roots, rocks, uneven paths and walkways knowing this the team a Drymax have forgone the air vents you might find on normal running socks to help keep the dirt out. Dirt = friction which can rub the skin raw and create nasty blisters.

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Socks only ever seem to fail the stay on test when you’ve committed to wearing them, when you’re miles from home they suddenly slide off in your shoe and are constantly on the move… and NOTHING is more annoying! Drymax socks have seamless insides, an instep-hugging band and a double welted leg with extra padding around the ankle, which means they stay put.. there’s no pulling them up, no taking of your shoes to adjust and no tossing them out because they’ve given up. For an even better fit they actually come in sizes small, medium, large and extra large rather than one sock size servicing both teeny tiny feet and large feet.

I bought Drymax socks in 2010 when I was training for Oxfam, they saw me through all my training and the actual walk AND I still have them today. They really do last. Provided you don’t lose one or both your pair Drymax socks should last for aaaaaaaaages, and you will actually get your moneys worth.

Cost: $29.95 per pair
Where to buy: Shoe Clinic.