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Eat Your Colours

I’ve always been told to eat my greens; previously there was never really any focus on other colours. However, the times are changing and it turns out it’s not only about eating greens but also… whites, purples, oranges and reds too.

Phytonutrients, the same thing that gives plants protection from ultraviolet light and vermin, also gives natural foods a distinctive colour and flavour. Simply looking at the colour of a fruit or vegetable can give you huge insight into which aspect of your health they support and eating a wide range of colours is also the quickest and easiest way to ensure you get the vital vitamins and minerals your body relies on.

I generally struggle with eating the once recommended five servings of fruit and vegies each day (I’m really not a huge veggie fan), so eating a colour rainbow is going to be tricky, but it’s going to be my new aim. I’ve put together a few quick tips for adding colours to your diet, I figure if I seize every opportunity to jam some more colours into a meal then I should be sorted (hopefully).

Adding blues and purples:

  • Snack on grapes,
  • Add berries to your porridge or cereal,
  • Make eggplant curry
  • Make cranberry oat crumble
  • Beetroot are consider purple, so try roasting beetroot to accompany dinner

Increasing the reds in your diet:

  • Snack on tomato on toast,
  • Use red capsicums in stir-fries,
  • Tomato soup is perfect for winter
  • Thinly slice radish and add to your green salad

Adding white to your diet:

  • Add garlic and onions to stir-fries
  • Snack on apples
  • Try mashed cauliflower rather than mashed potato
  • Add coconut to smoothies,

Adding orange to your diet:

  • Use peaches or pineapple in smoothies
  • Snack on oranges… easy as!
  • Add mango or orange chunks to your green salads

Fruit and veggies can be expensive to stock up on, and although it’s more annoying I’d recommend buying only small amounts at a time rather than doing a big shop (to avoid waste), also buying fruit and veggies that are in season will be cheaper. Better yet, grow some of your own and have veggies or fruit on hand.

For more great info on eating your colours and the benefits of each colour visit:

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Paleo cookbooks are also a great source of recipes involving all kinds of fruit and veggies.



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  1. Pearl - Pretty Mayhem

    I’m not a huge veggie fan either but I’ve also been trying to create more of ‘a rainbow on my plate’ lately. I like the idea of adding fruit to salads and I also love the sound of a mashed cauliflower. Takes for the tips!

    • Dee

      I’m really not a huge veggie fan, once upon a time I had to force myself to eat them (or drink them)… I certainly would pick any other foods over veggies. More tips coming your way! 🙂

  2. Dee

    What would make it easier to understand? How can I narrow things down for you and make them less complex? I’m always keen to help others.

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