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Gifts You’ve Never Thought To Give

I’m sucker for a great gift idea… I find one, I do it to death and shuffle onto the next brilliant idea.

Long long ago in land far far away, in a time before social media and an abundance of digital cameras I gave just about everybody a disposable black and white camera and photo frame as a gift. A true stroke of genius.

But it’s 2016 and these are very different times. Everybody already has soooo much stuff, and if you’re anything like me, you don’t really want more “things” that aren’t going to serve a purpose or be truly appreciated.

I love the idea of creating a care package for friends, but sometimes that can be time consuming and expensive so I’ve complied some quick, easy and appreciated gifts… that are also useful.

Keep Cup

We consume a silly amount of takeaway coffee, even those with a fancy machine at home buy coffee when they’re out and about and all that equals one very large pile of disposable coffee cups.

Someone who consumes five takeaway coffees a week will produce roughly 14kg of waste a year. If they were to use their own cup, like a Keep Cup  rather than disposable, this would produce half the amount of carbon emissions, use half the energy, and about one-third of the water consumption throughout the process.

Americans throw away 25 billion styrofoam coffee cups every year and 2.5 million plastic beverage bottles every hour. Even though here in lil ole NZ we would produce less… globally this is HUGE amount of rubbish.Keep Cup
Introducing… Keep Cup, a cute wee cup available in glass or plastic and a range of vibrant colours. I make a coffee at home and drink it on the way to work, and most baristas are happy to rinse it if I require a refill later in the day, best of all you can create your own colour combo.

Wall Planner

Everyone knows someone who can’t remember what plans they have… easy enough to do when your busy or popular I guess. A quick easy gift is a wall planner, either the traditional type you stick on the wall or white board for the fridge – use, wipe and re-use! . A wall planner needn’t be boring like the type you’d typically find at  Office Products Depo.
One of my favs is the large oversized monthly planner from which is more of that blackboard look, otherwise there is a great range of magnet whiteboard planners available too.

Water Bottle

You’re meant to drink approximately 2 litres of water a day, which is a lot harder than it sounds. A good water bottle is surprisingly handy whether it’s for regular gym use, taking with you as you rush round running errands or leaving on your desk at work…And I’m all for being a little kinder to the environment and seeing fewer plastic bottles thrown out.

This Christmas I gave friends a drink bottle from CottonOn filled with chocolates (that looked like ugly Christmas sweaters). Nobody often buys themselves a drink bottle, but everyone could use one!!For those Cross Fitters and gym bunnies there’s even the Myobottle… covering both your hydration and mobility requirements, despite looking a little like a sex toy (ha ha ha) and slightly more personalised bottle to save confusio
drink bottle

The Knick Knacks

That piece of brilliant gadgetry that you couldn’t live without, yet never buy yourself… these may seem like kooky ideas but they’re items that will get used. Buddy these up with a few other treats to create a fun wee care package.

The Banana Saver – saving the world one banana at a time and allowing for stress free banana transportation.

Wine Glass Spikes – making picnicking easier, and keeping that precious drink secure. You’ll be amazed at why nobody thought of it sooner.

Vouchers – the best gifts are always something we’d never get ourselves… a massage, a family holiday, a dinner for two. The options are endless when it comes to vouchers, ultimately just make sure it’s usable.

Wine Glass Plate Clip – Know a host with the most who loves to entertain? They’ll be stoked with this ingenious gift. Get several and pair them up with a bottle of wine, some fancy nibbles and sturdy melamine
Always on the look out for great gift ideas, let me know if you stumble across any.