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Girl Power, it is still out there?

Does Girl Power and Feminism still exist? Or have we matured beyond that and it’s no longer necessary, or maybe we’ve given up all together and become complacent. It’s hard to tell.

It often feels like we’re hovering between “sisters are doing it for themselves” and women tearing one another down in a bid to feel better and get to the top. I’m guilty of it too; I flit from girly and consumed with frivolous aspects of being a woman to not caring and getting things done. I just can’t tell what the world wants from me, sometimes it feel like the pretty and well-groomed just get that little bit further.

Feminism has changed over time, once upon a time it was about the legal rights of women and no longer being treated as second-class citizens. Then it morphed something, which covered women of many colours, ethnicities, nationalities, religions and cultural upbringings becoming empowered. Now we’re demanding women of all sexually orientations be accepted… and so they should. But most of that was tackling that notion of a “man’s world”, the supposed old boys club not the issue of women supporting other women.

It’s not so much a battle anymore; it’s a need for camaraderie. United we stand, divided we fall.

Geography, busy lives and all those things we want to be…. Fit, healthy, happy, gorgeous, fashionable, well-read, domestic goddesses mean we often lead solitary lives. We’d be a force to be reckoned with if we teamed up, supported one another and built each other up rather than looking to tear one another down.  I almost feel a project coming on…. But much like the lack of attendees at my 30th birthday celebration, I fear people will say “yes, definitely” and then never show up. Maybe I’m just disappointed that the only way to get involved in a “coffee group” these days seems to involve having a baby.

Maybe after I conquer awesomeness I could work on empowering and uniting women… maybe I should worry about one thing at time.