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Dear Diary – Hello 2015….

Dear Diary,

I’m was a little disappointed with 2014, it wasn’t meant to end quite like it did . I had delusions of grandeur. I had high hopes. 2014 was going to be the year I became AWESOME!!

I imagined myself metaphorically kicking butts and taking names… bursting into rooms almost like Jacky Chan or Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m not sure why, but I thought I’d see in 2015 with profound pearls of wisdom to share, legions of follower and friends and be happy with the progress I’d made on my journey to awesomeness.

However here I am, squashed into a pair of jeans thinking of ways to talk myself out of going to the gym. I’ve started again and again and again with my healthy eating this year. I’ve bought clothes on a whim in the hopes that fab new clothes would thus equal a fab new me (insert sarcastic eye roll here) because who’s ever seen a sad person with new clothes on. I have bursts of enthusiasm followed by sudden-onset-laziness. I eat well and then I binge on the godfather of unhealthy ice cream sundaes topped off with all sorts of amazing goodness badness.

So without sitting here dwelling further on 2014, I’m now looking forward to 2015.

In 2015 I will be selfish. In 2015 I will look after myself. In 2015 I will make the most out of my life.

It’s no secret that I lack self-confidence, so 2015 is going to be about addressing that. It’s a selfish, a self-centred goal but I’m okay with that. I think by working on me, others around me will benefit … and bask in my glory (again, I’m being sarcastic).

Each month I will set myself a new challenge; each challenge will be a part of the overall bigger challenge of…. Loving Myself!!


January A month of new things. I’m going to try a minimum of one new thing per week.
February – A month of selfies. I hate most pictures of myself.
March10mins of quiet time each day, no talking, no TV just quiet.
April – Start each day with positive affirmations.
May – Express gratitude daily.
JuneAccomplishments, each week I will focus on the things I have accomplished.
July30mins of exercise at least 3 times a week
August – Learn something new
September  –  Random Act of Kindness month. Do one selfless act each week for the month.
October – The LoveMe 28 Day challenge.
November – Buy no non-necessities for myself…
December  – Repeat a previous month
Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 9.04.43 am

But first a round of applause for 2014 where I…

  • Quit my job without having another one lined up.
  • Started a new job.
  • Edged slowly out of my comfort zone and attended a Bloggers Brunch.
  • Listened to my doctor, and rested when I needed to.
  • Wore tights to the gym instead of trackpants
  • Got a puppy.
  • Got a dog.

And many more exciting things.


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  1. Michaela

    Roll on 2015! Love the monthly challenges. May have to join you! 2014 Was not all bad though I think you achieved lots! x

  2. Meagan Kerr

    I think you achieved some GREAT things in 2014 hun! They may not be the things you were aiming for on January 1st, but they are great things nonetheless. I love your goals for 2015 – making it all about you and focussing on loving yourself is so worth the journey. If you need support or are having a tough day, please feel free to email or tweet me! xo

  3. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    Wow, Dee; I *love* your idea of setting a resolution for each month. What a great idea! It’s too easy to overwhelm yourself with a zillion goals, but nominating a specific month for an ambition is a really clever way of ensuring that that’s where your focus is. Bravo. I can’t wait to see you kick 2015 butt!

    • Dee

      Thanks chick… Breaking it down into smaller monthly bites rather than a huge 365 day chunk is certainly less daunting and much more achievable.

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