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Dear Diary – I’ve lost my creativity

Dear Diary,

Apologies for the lack posting, it’s fair to say I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately… perhaps it’s winter and I’m not heeding my own advise, it could be the major uncertainty in areas of my life (which is beyond my control) or perhaps it’s case of needing some R&R.

My initial approach to my funk would normally be to rest and rug up, not for days and weeks on end but just enough to feel cosy and ready to take on the world again. Rest and rug up time seems to be something I can’t schedule in at the moment, and my inability to sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday morning is also hampering my attempts.

So for the next couple of weekends I’m planning on:

  • Finding time for activities that I enjoy
  • Looking after myself , and making sure I find time to pamper myself
  • Spending time time with friends and family
  • Cooking, I’m not often the cook.

It’s almost I like when I need my creativity most it’s up and left, while I’m sure it will be back eventually I’m currently at a loss in terms of inspiration. Perhaps I’m just tired, or stressed. Perhaps this is the end and I’ve used up creative quota. Perhaps I never really had any creativity. Oh! my goodness what if this is it!!! [insert image of me running around in circles, arms flaying].

What is creativity… and why does it sometimes seem so illusive? I love  author Bo Bennett’s description “enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity” defining creativity as a wonderful cocktail made up of many brilliant things. Perhaps my wilting creativity requires a boost of those other elements: Enthusiasm,  inspiration and motivation. 

How I’m going to reignite my creativity:

Spend time with children, they have great imaginations after all.

Spend time doing things I’m enthusiastic about.
Look for what inspires me.

Read and soak up a little of some else’s creativity.

Go on a local adventure, and blow out the cobwebs.

Remind myself why I do what I do, double check my motivation.

and focus on MORE…

For me losing my creativity, even if only temporarily is like having no air to breath. My creativity and weirdness are what makes me who I am and without one I seem to struggle with the other and am left feeling a little lost.