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I have an Etsy problem…


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It’s been around for years… but I’m a sudden addict. I’ve only made two purchases, but I have a lot of things in my many wish lists. If I win Lotto tomorrow I can’t guarantee I’m going to be sensible with my winnings and not blow the lot on cute things I’ve found on Etsy, and I’ve certainly found a lot of them. Etsy is the home of the handmade… there’s art, clothing, jewellery, wedding stuff by the truck load, craft supplies and vintage.

Etsy Wishlist Etsy wishlist

It started with me looking on Pinterest for wedding related stuff, and then noticing a lot of my pins were re-pins from Etsy… then I decided to investigate . BAD IDEA!! I’m an addict now. It’s like Pinterest but it’s all for sale.

At first I was only looking a burlap wedding decorations, then bridesmaid jewellery, now it’s clothes, jewellery, cushions and a whole of stuff someone saving for a wedding should be buying. I’ve fallen in love with jewellery, scarves, a dress or two, several skirts, paintings, ornaments (and I generally hate ornaments) and earrings. Before I get carried away with cute earrings I need to get my ears re-pierced, due to generally never wearing earrings my piercings have closed up.. oops!

The above Hydrangea paper garland cost $12.92 for 40 inches… and shipped from Belgium. My intention is to use as wedding decoration. In hindsight I should have worked out how exactly I was going to use it before buying it, but it was far too cute to resist.

The above bird ornaments cost $42 and came from the U.S are going to be my wedding cake toppers, I couldn’t stand the thought of a tiny bride and tiny groom on top of the cake and again these were too cute to resist. I’m totally in love with them.

I am totally stoked with the items I’ve bought from Etsy and like the idea of supporting crafty people from across the globe.

I’ve decided I’m going to get everyone’s birthday and Christmas presents from Etsy… giving something cute, handmade and most cases unique. As a not so subtle hint, if you want to see what I’ve loved and added to my wish lists on Etsy I’m under DeeeeeThomson… now you know what I’d like for Christmas 😛