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I’m in Love… with Kmart

I’m in love with… Kmart. Yes Kmart the store.

My crush on Kmart has been going on for a while now, but after an unscheduled shopping trip on Thursday (I went with the intention of just buying a basket to hide my hair styling tools in) my feelings for Kmart escalated from a tiny crush to full blown love. The prices are reasonable and the product is on trend too. and with so many handy things it’s easy to add touches of personality to all corners of your world with Kmart

Some of the best things I stumbled across at Kmart…

The instant I saw the glass jar mugs, I had to have them. I imagined myself sipping away on freshly made juice while bathing in the glorious summer sun shine. These are also handy if you’re making a colourful juice or smoothie for a little person, but don’t want it  staining carpet or couches… it’s like a cute adults tommie tippy.

I left the zebra paining behind at Kmart, as much as I loved it I couldn’t justify buying it and wasn’t sure where I’d hang it. I’ve since changed my mind, I can’t stop thinking about the painting .. I’M GETTING IT! Luckily for me I can easily get to Kmart any time.

The beauty of little Kmart touches like the moroccan style lanterns, the super cute birdhouse and ladder style shelving is that they don’t cost the earth. You can jazz up a space easily without the long term commitment of expensive pieces. Much like other retailers Kmart is also sourcing more collections or stories, so the pieces easily coordinate with other pieces in their range and isn’t a stand alone treasure that you can’t coordinate with anything.

With Christmas lurking Kmart is definitely a good a option for gifts, a given the low cost you can add other trinkets to bulk it up.

On Thursday I spent $147.20 and bought:

  • Smoothie jars x4
  • A painted crate (to hide my hairdryer and straightener in)
  • Christmas themed dog costumes (don’t ask!) x2
  • Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational x2
  • A nail scrub brush
  • A foundation blender
  • Cotton buds
  • Blotting paper
  • A Horn for a child’s bike
  • A drink bottle + holder for a child’s bike
  • A set of plastic golf clubs, carry case and golf ball…. for a child’s birthday present
  • Makeup brush cleaner
  • Maybelline Colossal mascara
  • A motivational wooden sign


Which while very random isn’t a bad wee haul. Kmart stock an amazing range of affordable, good quality cosmetics and cosmetic accessories but more on that another time. They have all the bits and bobs for you jazz up just about any part of your home, office or wardrobe. The best things in life needn’t be expensive.

Share any great shopping finds you’ve stumbled upon, always keen to hear about a bargain.