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In Car Rock Star

I’m an in-car rock star. I jump on the motorway on my way to work in the mornings, crank up the stereo and rock-out! I sing my wee tone-deaf heart out, drum on the steering wheel, and dance in my seat. I’m pretty good actually; I’m quite the talent at rocking out to a number of musical genres… I do pop, rock, old school jazz and all 100% completely out of tune and completely with hand waving and an invisible mic.

Living in Auckland I apply the theory that anyone who spots me rocking out will either a) have a giggle, thus I have brightened their day with my performance or b) if they’re offended, no worries I doubt they’ll see me twice. Although I highly doubt my performances could be deemed offensive, I’m not wearing a dress made of meat, I’m not doing provocative gestures and the lyrics can’t be heard so can’t be deemed offensive.

The rules of an in-car rock star performance are simple; there will be no in-car audience, the performance will be dialed back at traffic lights and slow moving urban areas and there will be no looking around to see if anyone has noticed. It’s just pure enjoyment of a good song.

Songs may or may not repeat over and over and over again because they are a current favourite. Songs may or may not start again because I’ve screwed up a line.


I’m not normally one to brag but I have received applause from school buses, groups of builders in vans and a thumbs up from an elderly woman with purple-ish hair. I have from time to time spotted fellow rock stars rocking out to the same song on the radio, we just lock eye and give one another that knowing smile and continue on. I’m secretly always sussing out the competition though, and use this as opportunity to improve my act.

My chart topping hits including Beyoncé’s All The Single Ladies, Arlandria by the Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga’s Just Dance, Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World a Foo Fighters songs, the odd country music piece and some variation of rap. Few musical acts can claim to have mastered such a wide repertoire of genre especially to such a high standard.

There are pitfalls to being an in-car rock star and it’s not the screaming fans, R.S.I from signing autographs or busy tour schedule. Sometimes after driving long distances I arrive at my destination with a sore throat and fading voice having over done it during the drive… I imagine this is how the Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters feels. There have also been the odd In Car Rock Star injuries.

Regarding the injuries, because I know you’re wondering, I was getting quite into my seated in-car dancing and had thrown in a kind of head turn … just to mix it up. I got a little too into my dancing and face planted, into the side window. Yes, it did hurt but a true performer doesn’t let a thing like that shake them – I soldiered on. I soldiered on much like national rugby hero Buck Shelford in the 1986 match against the French where a wayward French boot found its way into Shelford’s groin.

Tickets are not available from Ticket Master or from your other standard ticket outlets, much like a performance by mother nature you have to be patient and be in the right place at the right time. For your viewing of the Dee Crow in-car rock star performance (which includes no testicles, free hanging or otherwise) you need to be on the Southern Motorway from 7:50am – 8:30am. Musical selection will vary from day to day, requests will be considered but not promised and there will be breaks to sip coffee.

Please note also there will be no flash photography or filming.

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