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In-vogue hoarding or TradeMe trash?

There is a very real risk that I will become a hoarder, I’m pretend it’s not happening, but really I know and I’m totally okay with it. Even as I type this, I’m checking for treasures on Trademe. I don’t even know what I’m looking for, and I certainly don’t need anything but I seem to look regardless.

The biggest issue in regards to my underlying hoarding tendencies, is that I can now look for treasures without ever leaving home and for me internet shopping and online auctions are so disconnected from traditional shopping that I forget I’m spending. Once upon a time I was a garage sale goer and a second-hand store shopper who would mull over a purchase before cracking open my wallet, most of the places I went didn’t have EFTPOS but now I’m just a trigger happy TradeMe trawler… bid then think, and I can pay by credit card in some cases.

I’m certainly guilty of not reading things properly, and expecting one thing but ending up with another. I’ve bought outdoor chairs which aren’t weather proof, and thought things were wooden which then turned out to be cardboard.

Of course there is a clear difference between good hoarding and bad. Coming from a long line of hoarders, and with my partner having “hoarding tendencies” I’m acutely aware of what is required in terms of “good hoarding” and it’s all in how you present your trinkets.

I have to be careful ….

  • Not to collect anything to specific like Wedgwood. I need to stick one or two pieces I’m particularly drawn, whole sets can get overwhelming and chances are I’ll get sick of it. 
  • To stick to the era that I’m particularly drawn to, in my case Art Deco.
  • To know when enough is enough… and stop! 
  • Not to display my trinkets and keepsakes like a museum, and integrate them into my home so they look like they belong.
  • To understand the difference between legitimate secondhand goods as opposed to new items made to look old.

Now that all things retro, second-hand or vintage appear to be in-vogue so I take that to mean that in a way my random hoarding is also on trend. However, there is an annoying side to all of this. I’ve been into random second hand stuff for years, before it was cool, before everyone was doing it.  I was rocking old-man shirts and op-shop pants when all the other people were shopping at mainstream stores. I’ve held onto to a pair of  chairs dumped on a roadside for 6 years … imagining I’d restore them. I was essentially, cool before my time and perhaps even a trend setter even.I’ll never get credit for it, and probably nobody remembers, the sad thing is in my attempt to fit in I abandoned who I was, and opted for the more mainstream approach.

Damn it! If I’d just waited it out I could have been legitimately cool.

While I must admit, I do miss a good second-hand shopping trip, now I almost can’t afford my second hand treasures the price of my once brilliant finds has skyrocketed due to an overwhelming demand. It’s now cheaper to buy new in a lot of cases rather than to buy second hand, which seems ridiculous, but as I go in search of new challenges and become more comfortable with who I am I look forward to truly reigniting my passion for a good second-hand find. It’s just about keeping my hoarding in check, and mulling over the price and investigating its quality and whether or not its going to fit into wardrobe or home.