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I’ve joined a cult…. and I’m okay with it.

I’ve de-feriended people on social media because they made so many statements about being atheist or non-religious … that they turned it into a region all of it’s own.

I’ve de-feriended or minimised the amount of posts from people because they made too many religious posts.

I know what you’re thinking, there’s no pleasing some people. You’re right.

Social media is a funny beast, we rely on “friends” to provide us with a broad cross section of entertainment, education and enlightenment but we don’t want too much of one thing. We are turned off by too many holiday snaps, too many food pictures, too many pet pictures (of which I’m totally guilty), too many baby updates and we are most definitely turned off by too many Cross Fit mentions.

Cross Fit is strange, it lies in no mans land… it’s not a team sport because you’re generally working individually, it’s not an individual sport because your pain and training is unified with fellow sufferers. Built on weightlifting, gymnastics type movements and short intense WOD’s (Work Out of the Day) it also includes a generous smattering of high-fives and cheering each other on, Cross Fit is most definitely “too much” for those not in the loop. I am most definitely now guilty of flooding the world with my new found enthusiasm for exercising.


I started off telling no one about Cross Fit, funnily enough referring to it as “Fight Club“. I wasn’t going to talk about Cross Fit and I certainly wasn’t going to get sucked in to buying Cross Fit shoes, t-shirts or any other paraphernalia. I initially signed up purely because my personal training sessions were booming too expensive for my budget and Cross Fit provided the intense workouts I was after.

But here I am… two pairs of shoes, a preferred brand of shorts, oversized post workout hoodies and protein powder. Here I am with a collection of Cross Fit friends and the odd conversation about how much I can lift.

Cross fit

Cross Fit isn’t me competing with any one other than myself, it’s just me aiming to do more than yesterday. I scale the workouts to match my skills and abilities and I’m motivated to do well.

What I like most about Cross Fit is the varied nature of the workouts. Nothing lasts forever, and thank god too because I actually hate handstands. I’m easily bored and repetitive workouts day in and day out make it hard to stick to something. Knowing that the W.O.D is relatively short and not the same every day is what helps keeps me motivated, that and being able to easily measure my progress helps to.

It’s that brilliant mix of camaraderie and individuality. I don’t like team sport but I wasn’t fond of the isolation that you get in a spin class… twelve bikes facing a lone instructor, pedalling furiously, just to go nowhere.

So sorry friends, prepare to see more of my Cross Fit cult journey… it’s a part of my life and a regular fixture in my weekly routine so I’m going to share with you the highs, the lows and the successes, because we’re friends right?