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Dear Diary – January…Looking Back

Forgive me for the delay – turns out weddings are hard work. But with the wedding now behind me I can review my January Challenge.

My challenge to myself in January was to try new things. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without few for newer and richer experience”. In other words, we grow and become the best version of ourselves through experiences and the new adventures we take advantage of.

I’ve become a little stale and predictable, I’ve settled into a routine out of fear. A fear of the unknown and judgement from others means I stick to what I know. Deciding to “try new things” isn’t as easy as it sounds. New things can be expensive.  How/where do you start?

nobody died

I figured out what I had to do during January, you know the compulsory and semi-compulsory things in life. From there I worked out what new things I could easily fit in and around what I was already doing. Doing new things was going to be enough of a challenge without having to completely change my routine.

In order to fit more “new things” into my month I said yes to more things, threw caution to the wind, and made last minute plans. I’m not normally a last minute plan kind of girl, I like to know where an evening is heading and I like to know where I’m going to end up.

In January I tried:
  1. Micro-dermabrasion.
  2. Spray tan.
  3. Making last minute plans with friends.
  4. Phoning strangers ( I have a weird anxiety around calling people I don’t know)
  5. Asking my gym to personalise a payment plan for me.
  6. A new personal trainer.
  7. Attending a party where I knew very few people.
  8. Inviting someone I’d only meet once to my Not-Quite-A-Hens-Night.
  9. Riding a mechanical bull.
  10. Dressing up for a fancy dress… when I was unsure what others were doing.
  11. Going out in what can only be described as a tin can boat – I don’t normally like little boats or little planes.
  12. Inviting people over spur of the moment.
  13. Leaving something up to other people, letting my bridesmaid take over planning my Not-Quite-A-Hens-Night.
  14. Approaching inspirational bloggers and public figures, to see if they’d be willing to do a Q&A for The Restless Empire.

Ark vs Titanic

With a little bit more confidence under my belt, I’m going to try adding more new things to my life.

The challenge for February, which is currently underway is a selfie for each day of the month. Thus far I am dreadfully behind… I guess I’ll have to make up the difference.


p.s The feature image is snap from my Not-Quite-A-Hens-Night …  A stick on moustache is always fun.