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Latest quest – Do more for others

This awesomeness truly is turning into a quest; I guess I naively thought being awesome was as simple as making the decision to be just that…awesome.

It’s only Wednesday and I already feel a little worn down by life, I’m not going to let it get me down and I refuse to wallow in negativity and waste any more time thinking about it.

Latest quest – Do more for others, which was listed right at the very beginning as apart of my grand plan.

In a month or so I turn 30. Not exactly something I’m looking forward to… but I don’t possess the power to stop time. In lieu of having a massive 30th birthday party, hemorrhaging expanses of money on a one time event I’m going to take part in a charity event with friends and raise money for what I deem an extremely worth while cause. I’ve also declared no presents as I have everything I need.

Each year over 8,000 New Zealanders die of Cancer related diseases. When I was eleven my nine year old cousin died due to Cancer, Cancer stole my cousin and gauged a great big hole in a family. Three years ago my grandfather died also died of Cancer, leaving my Nana alone and missing her best friend and husband of over 50years. I have friends without fathers, friends without mothers, friends without sisters and brothers all because of this horrible disease which comes in so many forms. So instead of having a great big 30th birthday bash, where I wake up the following morning full of regret and headaches I’m going to do the Relay For Life, and raise money for The Cancer Society of New Zealand.

I’ve done the Relay For Life before, and even took out the prize for the most laps… I’ve also previously walked 100km in 24hrs 15mins which for a fairly non-sporting person like myself is an achievement I’m very proud of.

I’ve assembled a rag tag team of fellow walkers and possibly dawdlers who will do the event with me in Hamilton on March 1st… we are team Fun, Folly and Walking! Thus far we haven’t raised a whole of money, which is alarming and underwhelming but I’m crossing fingers for a sudden influx of donations.

I’m walking in honour of my cousin and my grandfather, I’m walking in honour of your friends and family who have battled Cancer and won as well as those who have been taken from us through Cancer. I’m walking in hope of a cure and I’m walking in support of resources for Cancer sufferers.

Because a 22 hour relay isn’t quite enough of a challenge I’ve decided I will walk the ENTIRE 22 hours (stopping only to refuel & for bathroom breaks of course) walking around and around and around a grass track in my home town … all in the name of charity. I’ve done it before and I’m certain I can do it again.

Wish me luck



P.s: If you wish to donate, remember every amount no matter how small is a HUGE help. You can donate via and search under Hamilton, then Fun Folly and Walking.

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  1. NN

    Danielle, I was sad to see your post about Gym Dicks. I thought this blog was a sign that you had changed since I knew you. I hope your self-help journey will assist you in releasing the anger, jealousy and bitterness that causes you to criticise and judge others. It doesn’t help you, or the world.

    I sincerely wish you all the best and hope you find peace.

    • Dee

      Thanks for the feedback… sorry I’ve disappointed you, I feel truly terrible. I can’t comment much further as I don’t know who you are.

      Please realise any “anger, jealously and bitterness” probably comes from personal issues, I’m often my own less favourite person. Ironically your comment feels a little critical and I feel a little judged.

      I’ll try a lot harder to be better in the future. The article in question has been re-written.

      Thank you

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