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Dear Diary

Dear Diary – My Lessons From 2015

Dear Diary

Everyone is writing about what 2015 bought them, showed them and taught them. Perhaps I’ve never noticed before, perhaps 2015 was something special, but I’ve never known so many people to declare what lessons one year taught them. I blame Mindfulness, once upon a time it was just something my Mum waffled on about, but now it’s everywhere. Everyone is working on “being present” and “being mindful”… It’s great and all but I’m struggling with the concept!!

Even renowned newspapers are spouting on about what 2015 taught them! But I do wonder if we’ll all remember the lessons in 6 months’ time. 2015 was the year we once again declared the All Blacks national heroes, our prime minister made rape jokes and Donald Trump proved to the world you can be rich and truly stupid.

2015 taught me lots of things too, but experience generally does, that’s kind of how life works after all .  In 2015 I got married, took up Cross Fit, ran took part in a 14km obstacle course, had a pot luck dinner, made new friends, and lost contact with old friends which in combination with a smattering of other events can be summarised into these key learnings

  1. No item of clothing, not matter how awesome, will magically change your opinion of yourself.
  2. People like to belong to a community, people also like to dislike communities they are not a part of.
  3. Wealthy people are not necessarily more charitable, and religious people are not necessarily kinder.
  4. Think twice about when you ‘put your foot down’ you can’t have double standards further down the track.
  5. Some people in life are just playing the game, and you can’t always tell.
  6. There will always be items on your to do list.
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  7. I am a work in progress. I don’t have to be perfect or have all the answers.
  8. Its not my job to judge someone else’s behaviour.
  9. If we cared nearly as much about children living in poverty and the environment as we do about prime ministers pulling hair, the colour of certain dresses and contestants on TV shows we could really make a difference.
  10. People should shut the fuck up and let other folk believe in or not believe in whatever they want. Unless someone’s opinion or belief system is destructive and could ruin the world (i.e. Hitler, Donald Trump or Saddam Hussein), you and I don’t have to convince others into agreeing and thinking that our beliefs should be their’s too. Isn’t that the great part about being a human being: free choice, free will.
  11. It’s a sad state of affairs if you can tout the number of shoes and clothes in your wardrobe like some kind of achievement.
  12. Donald Trump is the kind of person that my Nana used to talk about as having more dollars than sense.
  13. You can pull hair, forget what you’ve said and done and make rape jokes and still be almost the only option to run a country.
  14. News stories don’t have to be newsworthy, the fact that something isn’t newsworthy seems to be in itself a news story.
  15. Friendship and family are the most important parts of our journey through life, not the things we collect or the castle we live in. Everybody deserves friendship and family.

 I wonder what lessons other people took from 2015? Did everyone learn what they were meant to and will they remember that lesson in years to come?