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Dear Diary

List One – Goals and Dreams for this Year

My friend Michaela at Musically Minded Musings sent me a wee challenge for 2017, a challenge to get the creative juices flowing … which is handy, because my goal for this year was to be more creative.

The challenge itself is a list each week, for an entire year… based on Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists Projects it’s a great way to make a little time for yourself each week and switch off from outside distractions.

The first list, well timed for all those New Year resolutions and long summer holidays is … My Goals and Dreams for this Year.

I do love a good list.

My Goals and Dreams for this Year.

Finish my to-do list from 2016.

I feel like at times 2016 got away on me, suddenly I blinked and I’d napped away the last half of the year. While I crossed off some things on my list I really want to cross the rest off.

Complete the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km Challenge in 24 – 30 hours.

I first did Oxfam in 2009, and finish in 24 hours 15 minutes…. but the course in Taupo then is very different to the course in Whakatane now. In 2016 I gave Oxfam a second bash and finished in 34 hours. Yup, 10 hours longer than the first time, but lets be fair the weather was awful, the course was tough aaaaand maybe I hadn’t trained as hard. In 2017 I am going to aim to redeem myself and complete the course in 24-30 hours… I hope.

A part of my prep for this year is:

  • Regular long walks, I’ve walked 50km this week!
  • I’m not drinking any alcohol until I cross the finish line
  • I’m working on my glute strength with a fab little program my trainer has created for me.
  • I’m walking home from the gym after a workout, when I’m likely to be at my most tired.

Make more time for creative outlets.

I feel happiness when I get the time and space to indulge in my creative passions. I dabble in photography, I enjoy writing and reading and love to get in the garden. In 2016 I found myself consumed with other things or the prospect of doing absolutely nothing at all and my creative outlets fell by the wayside. I am going to endeavour to do more in 2017.

Reach my weight loss / body fat goal… no I won’t tell you what it is.

I ate out of boredom. I ate out of anxiety. Subsequently I put on weight, not that many people would admit to noticing but I did… I got 10kg above my previous goal weight, which I had hit. I fall into that trap of rewarding myself with food, “you’ve worked hard today, have a treat” or “you’ve worked off enough calories to have a treat“. While everyone else was having 1 scoop, I was having 2 scoops with a chocolate dip. While everyone was eating 1 or 2 biscuits, I was having 8-10.

Clearly willpower is not something I have a lot of. Part of reaching this goal is not only exercising, and sticking to the food plan from my nutritionist it’s also about demonstrating some willpower and self control.

This could be tricky

Be more organised.

I think this speaks for itself, I could do with getting my shit together…

Get more sleep.

I often get caught up doing other things in the evening or get sucked into watching more episodes of Suits and suddenly I’m going to bed at 11:30pm… only to get up around 5am the next day. I need more sleep. I need to be more organised to make time for more sleep.

Stay tuned for more fabulous lists…

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  1. Jodie

    My goals and dreams for this year:
    – Complete 6 rounds of Ashy Bines Programmes
    – Be more intentional
    – Save money
    – Go overseas
    – Make plans and stick to them
    – Be super awesome at Mary Kay & hit 2k every month

    I’ve already quit the cigs, booze and sugar and treating them like their my job to consume 😉

  2. Michaela

    So excited for this!!!!!!

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