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Dear Diary

List Three – The Happiest Moments of My Life, so far.

When I enthusiastically agreed to this list challenge, I kinda did so without really thinking about how challenging these list would be…. I imagined I’d be smashing out lists and the words would jump like bolts of lightening from my finger tips to the keyboard.

I’ve learned now that these lists are designed to make you think. This list of lists is designed to challenge me and have me question and evaluate things.

The happiest moments of my life have been the ones where I’ve felt truly loved and accepted, where I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone, where I’ve been surrounded by friends and family, where I’ve had a sense of accomplishment.

Travelling to Germany 

When I was 15 years old I travelled by myself to Germany to stay with the exchange student who had stayed with us earlier that year. I remember a sense a of joy and elation sweeping over me as my United Airlines flight took off from Auckland Airport. The Foo Fighters blearing in my headphones, I felt so grown up, and like a true adventurer… I was going well beyond my comfort zone and I was going well beyond my parents comfort zone.

Graduating From University 

For a long time I’d considered myself the less intelligent, I’d considered myself not overly bright… perhaps I’d taken on board the nasty things that teacher said to me, perhaps I’d soaked up my dad’s frustration at trying to teach me long division and multiplication. When I graduated university I finally felt I was good at something, I wasn’t the best, but I didn’t struggle and walking across the stage to receive my degree was finally highlighting to me that I had some talent.

Moving into our first home

As a student and young adult I’d lived in 11 different houses in four different cities, to finally put down roots and say, “this is where I live” was momentous occasion. I was an actual proper adult. I was an actual adult who could legitimately do whatever I wanted…. hang a poster there, pull down ugly curtains, have the couch in that corner. I wasn’t running things past flatmates or parents, and I could live in space that was representative of my our personalities.

Travelling to Russia

Soon after moving into our first home I was lucky enough to travel from Paris to Moscow with my Mum, arriving in a foreign country like Russia was amazing, frightening and confusing all at once…. but I was happy. I’d always regretted not venturing off on my O.E like so many other Kiwis, I felt like without my O.E I was living some kind of beige existence.

Russia was everything I’d hoped… so foreign with it’s Cyrillic alphabet, giant churches and unique architecture,everything built for the cooler temperatures yet it was surprisingly hot in the summer.

Getting Married

A boy I dated briefly while at Uni said I was “too much harder work, and not worth the effort“, which kinda stuck in my mind… I just assumed most people eventually got sick of me, hell I get sick of me sometimes. I come with my own set of weird insecurities, annoying habits, anxiety and bouts of lazy-bones -antisocial-hermitness.

I never really understood those gushy couples or that “marrying my best friend” bullshit….until I actually did marry my best friend. I married the person who gets me, tolerates me, encourages me, I married my support person, I married LITERALLY the most loyal and patient person on the planet who shares my sense of humour and sense of adventure(ish)

Travelling to the UK

After getting married we waited over a year to go on our honeymoon, but it was well worth the wait! We travelled around the UK and Ireland in a camper van for about 3 weeks. It was great!!! It was another taste of travel for me, and a chance to see parts of the UK that friends had talked about… we met all sorts of people and saw some great scenery. It was a true road trip! It was a definite adventure! And the flexibility of having a camper van has left me looking for another camper van trip.

My life is full of many many (insert more here) happy moments, but I literally can’t write about all of them. I’m truly my happiest when I’m in the good company of friends and family, when I’m outdoors or writing, I’m happy when I’ve persevered to finish or achieve something… nothing like a little hard work to make something feel earned and deserved.

Think about those moments that make you happy, what are you doing to foster more?