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Dear Diary – The Road to Awesomeness

Dear Diary,

Looking through past blog entries I noticed I threw in a lot of steps and tips to being awesome into the mix, possibly too many. Upon reflection I’ve decided to clarify what I’m doing, in order to be what I consider awesome.

Being awesome has many layers, especially for me. It’s as much what you radiate outwards into the world around you as how you feel about yourself. It’s part attitude and part action and I’ve always felt less than awesome, so for me the core part of being awesome is personality based.

Our friends Wiki highlighted 3 [really good] Ways of Being Awesome,

  1. Use your talent to inspire awe
  2. Use your personality to inspire awe
  3. Inspiring awe through giving

I’ve opted for a combination of options two and three, paying it forward and adjusting my personality and approach to life, which involves:

  • Being funnyor being fun to be around.
  • Being adventurous.
  • Unlocking my inner awesome.
  • Expressing my awesome traits through style.
  • Having a fun personality.
  • Being a role model to younger kids and others.
  • Helping people less privileged than you.
  • Getting involved in causes that I believe in.

Within “having a fun personality” I’ve looked at the personality traits, that are considered not so fun to be around… negativity, selfishness, unfriendliness, bad manners, lack of gratitude and made sure to work on remove these traits from my life. It’s not easy, and I’m certainly not there yet but as the poster by my desk says, “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.”

This isn’t a New Years Resolution; it’s a permanent change. I’ve lost friends over the years through my poor behaviour, lousy attitude and bitchy comments. I’ve been a crap friend, family member and coworker at times, so the need for change was huge.

In order to be what I consider awesome I need to focus on “more”…

Doing More

Being More

Loving More

Living More

Giving More

I’ve certainly noticed a change in myself, although like most humans I slip up every now and then. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed a change, but my life is only for me to judge and I don’t need anyone’s seal of approval.

Stick with me and see how I go.


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  1. Lindsay

    I think you should remember during your journey to awesomeness Dee not to be too hard on yourself 🙂 Striving for positive change is something we should all be doing, but in my experience you have never been a crap friend! Really admire what you’re doing sharing such an honest blog with the world; I for one love reading the posts feel privileged to be along for the ride 🙂 Keep up the good work xx

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