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My Happy Organised Place.

When my headspace feels chaotic I suddenly need everything hyper organised. In my heart I’m an extremely organised person, and plastic storage has always given me a bit of a joygasm. Generally though it’s laziness that prevents me from doing anything about it. In those moments when I’m feeling rushed, panicked or anxious, the last thing I want to do is a ninja type move in order to prevent 10 million supermarket bags from tumbling out of the cupboard.

Slowly over the past weeks I’ve bit by bit I’ve been organising our house. I didn’t want to feel surrounded by clutter on those grey wintery days.


Plastic bag storage

Every time you opened our laundry cupboard 10 million plastic bags would try and make a break for it. You found yourself doing the “quick close” move in order to stop anything tumbling out. That was before.

plastic bags

For $12.90 each I purchased two plastic bag caddies from Howards Storage World. The plastic bags now have a proper home on the inside of the cupboard door and I don’t have to be a ninja.  Reusing the plastic bags is also easier now, you can take one or two without causing an avalanche.

Earlier this week Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith announced the government was working with the retail and packaging industries, in a $1.2 million dollar project which will allow soft plastics like plastic bags to be recycled… which is brilliant!! I seem to hold onto to plastic shopping bags but in reality very rarely reuse them.

Shoe Storage

My shoes previously lived on a rack in the bottom of the wardrobe, but that made them annoying to get to and also meant sometimes I’d often just randomly throw shoes in or would karate kick them off into the wardrobe. For $89.90 each I got two wall mounted shoe racks from Howards Storage World and attached them to the inside of the wardrobe door (when I say, I really mean my husband). Now my shoes are easily accessible, away out of sight and not taking up space under my clothes in the wardrobe but are instead are using previously wasted space.

show rack

I’m going to lie I had a wee joygasm once the shoe racks were in place and full of shoes. The shoe rack now being on the door means no shoes are hidden at the back of my wardrobe and I can see in a glance what my options are. The shoe rack shown does have accessories sold separately to make it work as an over the door shoe rack.

Lipstick Storage.. Make-up Storage… Jewellery Storage

I have a few lippies, but wasn’t wearing many shades because I truly couldn’t be bothered dig around to find them. When I’m leaving for work I don’t always the luxury of time, generally because I get easily distracted. Even if you don’t have too many lipsticks a mini drawer set like the below well help separate products by type, by most used, by colour or whatever your heart desires.

I don’t have every drawer filled with lippies, there’s a draw of travel sized products, another of face masks, another of blushers and a drawer full of combs and clips I don’t want squashed. Elsewhere in the house these same little drawers keep seeds for the garden sorted, momentos and blog ideas organised and recipes and receipts together.  If you’re especially excited at the thought of being uber organised… a label maker is also great.

I’ve also repurposed a cake stand as somewhere to store my most used beauty products and an ice cube tray in draw to hold my earrings…. no more hunting around for earrings, they’re all buddied up ready and waiting.

The plastic draw thingees can be picked up from numerous places… The Warehouse, Kmart, Howards Storage World, Briscoes and Bunnings.

Plastic Bins and Wire Baskets

I’m sure I don’t need to point out the wonders of a bin or basket, but perhaps if you weren’t already sold on the idea…

Behold the organisation that is now my linen cupboard. Baskets keep thing in their little sections and stop “category creep”.I’m sure it all sounds brilliantly anal retentive but the baskets actually mean a shortie like me can access things without having to grab a step stool.

linen cupboard

I’m sure this all sounds wonderfully over the top…  surprisingly enough I do have a few other items of organisation on my wish list. I’ll let know how I go.