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My Love Of Old Suitcases

I clearly have a thing for old suitcases, as always it started with one and I’m not 100% sure where that one came from. I love old suitcases purely because I can imagine where they’ve been, with whom and how. They’ve had a life prior to being a part of my home. I’ve now got so many old suitcases I’ve “built” a bedside table, okay built is an over exaggeration, I’ve stacked them but that’s the beauty of them. Stack them to fill an empty corner, stack them to create a bedside table, use them to style a book shelf or that shelf under the coffee table … And while doing these things, store stuff in them.


I use mine to store momentos, trinkets and keepsakes …. Golf score cards from that date in the early days, postcards from friends, my medal for completing the Oxfam Trailwalker and my grandfathers rosary beads among many other things. I’ve made my fiancé store his many many keepsakes in an old suitcase too, he likes to hold onto things and I just need them to have a home in our home. Old suitcases are brilliant for hiding storing stuff.

I found mine on TradeMe without hassle and was lucky enough to find a bulk buy too. I did drive from Auckland to Tauranga to pick them up though.