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For Those Cool Messy Tresses

For Those Cool Messy Tresses My rating: 4 out of 5

V05I get sucked in by advertising all the time, I get sucked in by promises of greatness, and generally I get sucked by the same promises every single time.

Effortless and sexy were the words that got me this time. I hate doing my hair and in my mind I’m going for the “cool, messy, rock and roll” look. Whether or not I’m succeeding remains to be seen. And who doesn’t want to be sexy, right?

A year ago my hairdresser introduced me to De Lorenzo Elements – Sandstorm… which is simply awesome but the cost was a little high and it wasn’t always the easiest product to find.

VO5 Give Me Texture is a dry texturising spray which is great for  giving hair that tousled look and helps define the layers in your hair have that sexy undone beach look thanks to the sea salt included. My hair, although I seem to have heaps of it, is fairly fine and there for hard to style and control. VO5 Give Me Texture makes my hair all grippy without it turning all stiff and gross like normal hair spray, therefore making it easier to tame.

This stuff is perfect for creating that “casual cool” “rock and roll” styled hair which despite how it sounds isn’t always the easiest to pull off. This is definitely my new go-to hair product… sorry De Lorenzo.

Where to buy VO5 Give Me Texture: Countdown $7.99

volume powder

When I first saw the commercial with Heidi Klum using the Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Powder … I was less than convinced. I simply assumed it would make the part in my hair white and go all cakey or flakey. I also figured that something so small and inexpensive was never going to work.

I was wrong.

While travelling in Russia with my Mum, I ran out of hair product and need more. My Russian language skills are non-existent so I picked up a pottle of VO5 Instant Volume Powder because I recognised the container, of course the instructions on the product weren’t in English so I had just go with what I remembered from the TV commercial starring Hedi Klum.

Sprinkle a little of the Instant Volume Powder on your roots and roughly rub in… the way you’d mess up the hair of a cute little kid (come on…you know!), to give your hair added body and volume which will last anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

A few lessons from my experiences with the product, if you’re a hair serum user… the two don’t mix. Using hair serum and the Instant Volume Powder together will leave your roots goopy and you most definitely will not achieve the desired look. Also, use ONLY on your roots as you’ll end up creating a nice home for birds if you put the powder through to your tips.

My go to routine (on dry hair) is Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Powder on roots and then VO5 Give Me Texture through the middle and on my tips.

Where to buy Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Powder: Countdown $7.29, Farmers $9.99

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