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Dear Diary – Operation Health and Fitness

Dear Diary,

I’m unhealthy… like really unhealthy. I have zero willpower and I have a sweet tooth and savour tooth and to top it off a greasy food tooth. I am missing the fruit and veggie tooth though. I have bad habits around food… skip a meal, scoff a snack, skip a meal, scoff another not so healthy snack. It’s a combination of laziness, disorganisation, indecisiveness, cravings and boredom.

I’m also not naturally sporty, I don’t play a sport and have never really played a sport. I’d rather poke myself in the eye the play a team sport, I’m not really one for rules and games. My natural desire for junk coupled with my aversion to sport really does leave me with a potentially big problem.

I’m not silly, I do know better, but knowing and doing are two very different things. I know I should eat a proper lunch but instead I sometimes skip lunch and scoff an over the top ice cream sundae instead. My unhealthy eating is worse when I’m stressed or anxious. At it’s worse I was eating a packet of biscuits on my way to work and often a kingsize block of chocolate throughout the day. Terrible. I know.


As a result I currently weigh the most I ever have. My number on the scales is nothing to do with your number, for me though I know that weighing 70kgs and being 28.11% body fat isn’t right for me . In June 2013 I weighted 59-60kgs. I often have an upset stomach, which isn’t surprising really. I’m pretty unhappy with the way I look. I feel like a tube of toothpaste or sausage spilling out of it’s casing, which are the clothes I’ve grown too big for.

I went on a health  and fitness kick last year, and did really well, but then for some reason just gave up. Why I gave up, even I don’t know. I told myself at the time, like I’m telling myself now that it’s not a diet… it’s a lifestyle change. So here I am, possibly in the worst shape ever and with terrible eating habits attempting again to be healthy and fit.

First let’s be realistic: I’m not aiming to be a size 6, I’m not training to climb Mount Everest, I’m not taking up bodybuilding or joining the Cross Fit craze and I’m not completely cutting out treats… I’m cutting back on them!


phd Juice Cleanse

Rather than leap from zero to one hundred, I’ve eased into it.  I’ve made an effort to eat a healthy breakfast, a good lunch and good snacks (I’ll be honest I do falter in terms of my dedication to this). I’ve booked regular personal training sessions at my gym, invested in some new gym gear and focused on the activities I actually like to do.

To signal the serious start of this, I chose to do a 3 day juice cleanse (more here) which I will review in detail once complete.

So officially week one will include:

Monday The final day of my juice cleanse

Following my juice cleanse I will make a conscience effort to eat light and fresh for the remainder of the week. I definitely don’t want to make myself feel sick but eating anything too heavy

Tuesday – Personal Training session at the gym

Wednesday A 4km walk in the local regional park, weathering depending.

Thursday – REST (I have an all important hair appointment)

Friday – Either gym or a walk another walk

Saturday – Personal Training session at the gym.

Sunday – REST / Chores / Prep for the week ahead

I’ll fill you in on all the details around my measurements, what I’m eating and what I’m doing as well include a starting photo. Hopefully in a few months time I’ll have a much better picture to show you.


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  1. Sweet Mama M

    Awesome plans D! You’re really setting yourself up to get great results!

  2. Amanda @ MoveLoveEat

    Looking forward to following your journey! Let me know if you need any advice 🙂

    • Dee

      Thanks Amanda, I need all the help I can get… I work in a mall and the food court calls my name… CONSTANTLY!

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