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The Restless Empire – Your Creative Outlet

I’m a firm believer in the power of creativity… and the importance of having a creative outlet. I enjoy writing, whether or not I’m good at it is entirely besides the point. Mi casa su casa. The Restless Empire isn’t just my blog space, it’s a blog space for everyone and new content and collaborations are always welcome.

The Restless Empire will always be a space where collaborations, guest posts are always welcome. It’s a space for everybody to share their journey and their insights.

I’m strong believer in the benefits of writing and the kind of self psychiatry it provides, I’m also aware how time consuming and difficult setting up and maintaining a blog is. Contribute regularly or just as a once-off  either way you’re always welcome at The Restless Empire.

The Wonders Of Creative Writing:

I’m (more about me here) always on the lookout for inspirational stories, whether it’s your own or someones else’s… I’m always keen to help give people hope though shared experiences, and breaking down the stigma which comes with mental illness. I want to make it clear that nobody is truly alone.

My long standing and on-going offer to allow people to share their content via The Restless Empire site isn’t just for bloggers, or wanna-be bloggers… it is for everybody and content can be about almost ANYTHING!

  • If you want to be anonymous, you can… it’s your call!!
  • You can write about yourself, or anything else for that matter
  • You can mention and link thru to your existing blog
  • You don’t have to be an existing blogger
  • You can contribute over and over and over and over…. or just the once.

It’s your call.

How to

The nitty gritty:

  1. All submissions will be proof read and checked prior to being published.
  2. All content must be your own work, if referencing someone else’s work please reference accordingly.
  3. Where possible content will be loaded as provided, however, The Restless Empire reserves the right to edit material for publishing.
  4. All links will be checked prior to publishing, no “dubious” links or material will be posted.
  5. The Restless Empire is a happy place, any content which is deemed as bullying will NOT be published. However, opinion pieces are encouraged.
  6. All material provided is the intellectual property of it’s original author.

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    Hi Dee! keen to be a part of this and help out! 🙂 email me on X

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