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Dee’s Humble Abode

So rather than whack up some more recipes … or flick through some more “better living” tips I thought I’d share a bit of our wee home. It’s a work in progress, with most progress yet to start but we’re within walking distance to the beach and from our newly built deck we have amazing sea views.

Our decorating style…  is a combination of free, cheap and whatever takes my fancy it’s not Art Deco, Mid-Century, Retro Cool or any particular colour pallet and that’s just the way I like it. I’m not so great with the matchy matchy.


Pieces I love:

I found this marvellous  poster pack with eight 12” x 16” posters in it, this one is World War Two posters but there are plenty of other options like The Golden Age of Travel, renowned artists and Steam Trains (if you’re that way inclined). I found these on TradeMe but you can find them through Whitcoulls too. Frames were ridiculously easy to come by, a quick google and I found Factory Frames and order plain black 12” x 16” frames … and ta da!!

We can’t really afford original artwork so these were a quick and simple way to add colour and interest.

Our home is kind of an extension of who we are, and while some find it a little naff I love the current fashion of having a large motivational type placard on the wall. This one was from Farmers just prior to Christmas and it speaks volumes for the type of home we’re trying to create.  As family and good friends are important to us we decided to recreate a look I found on Pinterest and have a black and white photo wall… it’s still a work in progress.

My final favourite piece (for today… I’m sure I’ll get the rambles again!) is my outdoor lighting set up. Our fabulous deck doesn’t actually have any outdoor lighting at this stage, and after a few evenings outside in the dark I decided candle light would be a great short term fix. I grabbed some mason jars, candles and some handfuls of crushed shell off the beach and once again …. ta da! My outdoor lighting does live inside when not in use, simply because it can get a tad windy on the deck.