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Dear Diary – Pocket Money

The thought of moving and packing leaves me with the general feeling of impending doom. There’s so much to do, and so little time… we actually move next week and there’s books, plates, pots and pans and our entire tiny unit and pile of “stuff” underneath the house that needs to be dealt to. Taking all this into account I figured I’d enlist the help of the girl I’m hanging out with.

I saw it as an opportunity for her to earn pocket money. With so many in her family, and at times there being very little money I guessed pocket money would be rarity. I was even fairly generous with the money offered, a $50 voucher for any store she liked, of course I’d feed her and it’s not overly hard work. At 12 years old I would’ve been over the moon at the thought of having my own money to spend, but she simply said, “I don’t know, I’d feel too bad taking your money”.

I think as an adult if you offered me $50 I spend a good while thinking about spending it.

I practically had to twist her arm; she was so hesitant about taking my money. I explained to her that she’d be earning the money and helping me out.  I wasn’t just giving it to her. I told her as a kid I earned pocket money through doing chores for my Dad, and that there would be lunch and that I wasn’t an overly bossy boss. She did giggle when I said “I’ll even feed you and let you go to the bathroom and have breaks”.

After much discussion she agreed. So next week I will call to confirm and organize picking her up. I think this will be good for her, a chance to earn money and be rewarded for helping someone. She’ll get to be involved in something grown-up and hopefully have a few laughs too.

I know she’ll be nervous, as there are all sorts of little add-ons to helping me out in this instance. She’ll have to come to my house, which I know makes her nervous and my boyfriend will be there too and I do know sometimes she’s quite wary of strangers. I’ll be there every step, and I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable but I do think it’s important for her to realize some of her anxieties are unfounded. The work will be easy, putting things in boxes, maybe wiping out cupboards and carrying linen to the car, it will be the small step out of her comfort zone and the side step from our routine of it just being the two of us which will be difficult.

I really hope she doesn’t change her mind. From time to time she does, from time to time exciting childhood opportunities arise or games with sisters get to a crucial point and who am I to tear a kid away from something they’re enjoying.

What never ceases to amaze me is that despite having very little she still doesn’t have that desire that other kids would for the latest stuff, and shiny new things. It’s like she has a sense of the bigger picture that myself and most adults at times lack. She’s always grateful, she always says thank you but when someone is trying to give her something she’ll shy away. She has that small sense of guilt around taking something that’s being offered to her, where most kids would probably grab it and run.

I’m consistently amazed by this girl, and her sense of the bigger picture and world around her.