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Quick tips… you wish you knew!

Ten quick tips…

  • Buy frozen berries when you’re buying cider, pop the frozen berries in your glass for an extra summery treat.
  • Messy car? Use a cereal canister lined with a supermarket bag as a rubbish bin, rather than tossing you wrappers random throughout your car.


  • Remove hard water stains with lemon.
  • Freeze herbs when they’re plentiful so you have some on hand out of season, especially basil. It’s easy to do… coarsely chop the basil (best to use a food processor) then drizzle olive oil over the chopped basil (it stops it going dark and helps it maintain a rich flavor). Line   ice cube trays with individual pieces of glad wrap, pop your basil/olive oil mixture in and FREEZE! Lining each pocket of the ice cube tray with it’s own piece of glad wrap so you pop them out easily and individually as required.
  • No iPod or iPhone speakers?  Use a bowl to amplify the sound…
  • Raise seedling in ice cream cones, rather than plastic pots… that way when it comes time to plant, just plant them cone and all. The cone will break down over time, keeping the little seedling safe in the meantime.
  • Camping? No torch or lantern?  If you have a headlamp (Which not so strangely enough I do) place it around a giant plastic container of water to create amazing ambient light for your tent. Or if you’re like us and have no outdoor lighting in your outdoor entertaining area its also really handy and a great night lamp when the power is out. Brilliant.
  • Struggling with a mountain of beauty products on your dressing table or bathroom counter… the answer my friend is a CAKE STAND. I use a nifty one which I pick up from TradeMe which has a bowl at the top rather than a flat plate and is super handy. Like with everything in life, there are hundreds of different cake stand options so you’re bound to find something which works for you.






  • Do you ever move furniture in your home and discover dents in the carpet? Dents from either the furniture it self or the little stoppers at the bottom of the legs? Use ice cubes to release these indentations in the carpet… LIKE MAGIC!
  • Coffee beans and cinnamon when teamed with pillar candles or tea light candles are great cheap alternatives to home fragrance. Place tea lights in ceramic or glass dishes with the coffee beans and light! Just a heads up super cheap beans may smell less than ideal, make sure you’re happy with the smell before you get lighting. For a magical cinnamon scent (great for Christmas) tie cinnamon sticks around your pillar candles, once the candles are lit,  the heated cinnamon sticks make your house smell amazing.