Mild adventurer. Prolific daydreamer. Always authentic.

Random Fact list…. the Facebook kind

I love those random fact lists that float around Facebook, I don’t really know why. Perhaps I just believe that I’m genuinely intriguing enough for people find 15 random facts about me interesting.

Interested or not, here are 15 random fact about me.

  • I’m not particularly patient, I try to be but generally struggle.
  • I love tartan, anything tartan is instantly better!
  • I talk to my cat, and am often offended that she doesn’t appear to be listening.

  • I studied journalism for two years, with the plan of working in radio – I now work in marketing.
  • When I was a child I had an invisible friend called John.
  • Once I bit our Golden Labrador, Magnum because my Mum said if I kept teasing him he’d bite me… I thought it best to bite him first.
  • I had a pet goat called Lavender when I was growing up, no we didn’t live on a farm.
  • I went to Germany by myself when I was 15, to stay with the girl who came to my school on an exchange. I had to wait 9 hours to be collected from the Frankfurt airport.
  • I love chucks…. and feel I need more! Many many more.

  • I love afternoon naps.
  • On long car trips when I was younger my Dad would try and ban me from talking… I’d talk non-stop from Hamilton to Palmerston North.
  • I’m the eldest child and eldest grand-child (on both sides of my family).
  • I really really really want a pet dog.
  • I don’t know how to scramble or poach an egg… I don’t eat eggs and am just assuming I could bluff my way through boiling and frying.
  • Movies about gangsters, mobsters, organized crime or prison instantly get my attention. I love them! I can’t stand movies about aliens.

Embrace your random facts, quirks and things that make you wonderfully weird… and 100% you