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Dear Diary – Roadblock?!

Dear Diary,

I don’t want to say I’ve hit a roadblock, but I’m certainly struggling. I can’t just leap out of bed one morning and suddenly have untold amounts of confidence and awesomeness, but where do I start? Is anyone even reading this? Am I talking to myself via a dotcom address? Is this doable?

Do the answers lie in self-help books? Should I seek professional advice?  Are the answers buried in other blogs out there in the World Wide Web? Or do just wing it, give it a bash and hope for the best?

Not content with just one answer I’ve opted for all of the above and then some. I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway…

I previously highlighted what I was going to do on my journey to awesomeness, I’ve now determined I should start slowly with just one thing, and add more through out the year.

So this is Dee’s 6 Steps To Awesomeness:

Step One: Find a Passion Or a Hobby

Step Two: Do More (this nicely dovetails into the above)

Step Three: Do More For Others

Step Four: Be More Positive

Step Five: Do More For Family

Step Six: Give Up Caring What Other People Think…. And have more faith in oneself… possibly easier said than done.

Step One is taken care of…. I’m writing and that’s something I enjoy, I write as much for myself as I do the potential audience. Once upon a time I wanted to be a professional writer but was gently talked out of. Instead I work in retail marketing.

Step Two is underway starting with a Personal Training session at the gym tomorrow. I’d previously sort of given up on the gym and had resided myself to fact I was just making donations and not actually receiving any benefit. For weeks now the gym has been phoning to say I was due a P.T session, and for weeks I’ve been fobbing them off saying I’ll organise something next time I’m in.

If I don’t blog again, assume I’m still lying on the gym floor and send help!

For this rest of this week I will tackle Step Two – Do More by:

  • Going to the gym as planned.
  • Not watching TV for the rest of the week, and do more with my evenings.
  • Making plans for Saturday – So far I’m thinking a walk in the great outdoors and a trip to the hot pools,
  • Making plans for Friday

As for the other steps I will conquer them in time, some aversion therapy and some home truths may be required but I’m sure I will get there in the end. Any constructive pointers gratefully received.

I noticed while talking to the trainer at the gym I was putting myself down A LOT!  It was like I couldn’t help myself, like I was preparing the excuses in case I failed. I trotted out everything from “I forget to breath when I run” to “I’m really uncoordinated” and “work gets in the way”. Truth be told the only thing in my way is me. I’m my very own roadblock. Clearly Step Six will be the toughest.

Wish me luck.