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Summer Philosophy …

Cloudless sky. Crashing waves, and the semi senseless sounds of this decades pop music.. yup, summer is sneaking ever closer.

2014 seems to be disappearing in a puff of smoke, after thundering towards us full of uncertainty and possibilities not that long ago.  I love summer, the vibe and energy of it, the sign of having survived another year and the possibilities of the year ahead.

Once upon a time, caught up in my day dreaming ways I’d imagine in far too much detail the year ahead. I’d get caught up in what I thought would happen, get ahead of myself, imagine moments and then measure my success (or failure) against these imagined moments.


As I sit soaking up the sun, gazing at a seemingly endless blue sky, it dawns on me. In my attempt to To Be Awesome In 2014, I’d over thought. I’d over imagined. I’d pictured a certain outcome, and when it didn’t happen as imagined I became disheartened.

Life is, as we all know, uncertain, unpredictable and if we think about it too long we can up worried, frightened and anxious. I was. Sometimes I still am. Sometimes we all do, and that’s fine. The key is to remember we’re all essentially “flying by the seat of our pants”.  No one really knows what’s coming, and no one can actually predict the outcome. That’s the beauty, and essentially the beast if it all. The fear and fact of the unknown. The source of the panic and the basis of happiness.

The lessons I’ve learned are simple:

  • It’s life, we’re all trying to make sense of it.
  • Don’t approach life like the Boy Scouts – you needn’t always be prepared or always have a plan.
  • Let it be!

You only live once,

Why waste time worrying 

about what other people think.

I’m guilty of over thinking, getting so caught up in my inner monologue that I lose sight of this important fact.

Full of vim and vigour, I’m ready for summer, 2015 and all life has to throw at me.



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  1. Leigh-ann

    I get all ponder-y when then weather changes too, and am a great believer in doing things without too much planning! If I plan too much I get really bored and don’t end up following through 😉

    • Dee

      I’m learning just to let it be, I’ve been consumed by worry and over thinking for so long it’s nice to breath.


  2. Georgina

    I love this part “Don’t approach life like the Boy Scouts – you needn’t always be prepared or always have a plan.” – totally need to be doing this more.. grew up in a family full of boy scouts who were always prepared!

    • Dee

      I was a terrible girl guide, I’m not that organised and didn’t really appreciate all the rules and guidelines. I’m going more for the “wing it” approach.


  3. carly | Amber Eyes Blog

    Yes I love the simplicity! More things in life should be simple 🙂 I hate overthinking, especially about the future. It just ruins the day you’re already living in!

  4. Meagan Kerr

    I over think things way too much. I can’t wait for summer days and warm winds to come and blow the cobwebs out of my mind.

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