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Ten Things I believe

  1. I believe life isn’t meant to be easy, you’re meant to encounter difficulties and pain. How you face these difficulties and pain is a true reflection of your character.
  2. I believe your willingness to encounter pain and difficulty in order to do what’s right for someone you love is a true testament to your character.
  3. I believe your parents provided you with so much while you were growing up that you owe them. You owe them so much more than you realise.
  4. I believe in every now and then doing nothing. The dishes can wait.
  5. I believe singing in my car on the way to work lifts my mood.
  6. I believe everybody is a little bit weird, and that a certain amount of weirdness should be encouraged.
  7. I believe we focus too much on things that aren’t (and never will be) defining point s in our lives.
  8. I believe in random acts of kindness and paying it forward
  9. I believe in working hard, but realizing it’s not life or death and sometimes things have wait until tomorrow.
  10. I believe you will never get everything done, there will always be something on the list… but don’t panic, nobody is actually expecting it all to be done.

What’s something you believe?



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  1. Louise

    I believe you have hit the nail on the head! Totally agree 🙂

    I believe everything happens for a reason but we are in full control of what happens
    I believe people are too PC and need to relax a little more about certain things

    I could go on and on lol

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