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Dear Diary – The Life In Times of…. me

Dear Diary ,

Standing in bathroom at work, I starred at myself in the mirror. At home there isn’t a full length mirror in my bedroom so I don’t look at myself all that often. Staring at myself I noticed my stomach stuck out further than my boobs.

How and when did this happen?

Never mind, I know how. Monday at work I ate 6 chocolate bars, twice last week I had ridiculously indulgent ice cream sundaes and for some reason I can’t buy petrol without buying chocolate. I have issues with willpower and issues with eating out of boredom. I crave sugar when I’m anxious or stressed.

I work in a shopping mall, so temptation is ALL around.

Flabby guts aside… my self-confidence quest continues, despite failing at my March goal of 10 minutes quiet time each day. So far I’ve managed to meet my goal ZERO times this month!! I’ve continued to try new things Spookers on Friday 13th, Cross Fit, doing Relay For Life with strangers and talking honestly about my struggles with depression.

It’s not easy, but I never imagined to wake up one day and be crazy confident. Some days it feels like I’m making gains and other days it feels like I’ve taken a step backwards.


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