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Dear Diary – The Continued Attempt at Positivity

Dear Diary,

I’ve been terribly slack lately with the blogging, I’m not even sure where the days went or what I’ve been filling with them with.

I’ve been working on embracing life and caring just a little bit less what others think (to a point). In the past I’ve worried too much about things that are done and dusted or beyond my control, I focused too much on what others may or may not have thought about me. Worry achieves nothing, I know that now.

Positivity is my current focus, which is hard. Wallowing in negativity and nit picking is far far easier.  I’m guilty of it, and again it’s definitely a work in progress.

For the next few posts I’ll list some positive aspects of my life, as a reminder to myself that my life is beautiful. Don’t panic though I’ve moved beyond listing being alive … that’s kind of a given.


Positive Aspects of My Life:

  1. I laugh EVERYDAY workday with my colleagues, not everyone can say they do.
  2. Despite living away from family I’ve created my own little work family, which is why I love my job.
  3. I received positive feedback about my blog from so many people, which is great. I even got feedback from Pretty Mayhem blogger (an actually, proper blogger) Pearl Jolly which makes me feel pretty spesh.
  4. I live in an amazing part of New Zealand, which gives me easy access to the great outdoors.
  5. I quite literally have the most amazingly kind and wonderfully caring partner in the world. Cheesy I know, but I’d be lost with out him.
  6. My Mum is my best friend; I can call her about anything.
  7. Despite the distance and time between catch-ups I still know I have good friends I can turn to in time of crisis.
  8. There are still good people out there.

In the words of 90’s pop heroine Alanis Morissette “what it all comes down to, is everything is going to be fine fine fine”.

I’m not in a rush to get anywhere; I don’t have to achieve everything right now.  Don’t get me wrong a small amount of worry and stress is okay and even good, it keeps you motivated and on task, it’s all about knowing when to stress and when to just let it go.

I’m still slowly working on my other attributes of awesomeness, but will focus on one thing at a time. Awesomeness shouldn’t be stressful.

I promise some more content is only days away.