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Dear Diary – Being an Adult

Dear Diary,

This first instalment is bought to you by…
The song I listened too many times last week – Way Out West from the movie Red Dog. 
Plum Margaritas.
Stag parties. 
and ice cream sodas (because you can’t be good all the time).

It occurred to me last week, that I am in fact an adult. Once upon a time I thought adults were always adults, and kids were always kids. I truly thought I would always be young, and well my grandparents and parents were always … older. It appears though that kids grow up to be adults and even though I’m a tad vertically challenged, I am still going to end up an adult even if I’m not necessarily always considered adult sized.

I’m nearly 31. I own my own home (along with my Fiancé and the bank of course). I work full time. I have pets. I do gardening.  I enjoy doing garden. And very soon I will be a Mrs. and no longer a Ms. Yup, I’m an adult.

Although I’m not entirely sure I’ve come to grips with it.

With marriage around the corner and questions of children floating around it feels very much like other peoples happiness rides quite heavily on my actions and my behaviour. Mothers are buying cot blankets for non-existent grandchildren and friends are dispensing advice on the perils of owning two dogs while being a parent. Can’t I just be left to plod along merrily through life (with the Mr. of course)?

I always thought being an adult would mean the end of people questioning my decisions, and end of people being so concerned with how I live my life. But, as questions move away from “how are the wedding plans going” to “when are you going to start having kids” I’ve realised this may never happen.

But enough rambling. I’m checking in for the week ending  Sunday January 11th.

As apart of my New Years Resolution, and my goal for January I am trying new things!!

big tick

So far I’ve tired:

  • Micro-dermabrasion.
  • Spray tan.
  • Reaching out to friends and making last minute social plans.

This week I will try:

  • Attending a hen’s night where I know maybe 2-3 people max.
  • A different class at the gym.

Things said last week, that I never thought I’d say:

  • “Do you know how expensive a good garden hose is?”
  • “Did you know I’ve been doing my ‘C’ in YMCA backwards… since forever?!”
  • “The best thing about spending New Years eve in Maraetai, the boat club shuts at midnight… so there’s no pressure to stay out late.”

Peace out.