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Dear Diary – Mad At Me

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning feeling… flat.

I woke feeling like all my efforts were in vain.

Specifically my efforts to lose weight.

A year ago I bought a pair jeans for “fat days“, and now these are the only jeans I fit. In fact I have drawers over flowing and wardrobe full of clothes I don’t fit. I hadn’t realised how bad things were until I worked out my BMI… I’m overweight.

I’ve been worked hard and eating clean, but the number on the scales hasn’t really budged and I can still only fit one pair of jeans. How did I let this happen?

I’m mostly mad at myself, this was all my own doing.

I woke up this morning feeling… flat.

I woke up this morning feeling like all my efforts were in vain.

Specifically… all my efforts.

Today I wallowed in my own negativity mad at myself for just about everything.

But, tomorrow is a new day full of new chances.


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  1. Carli

    Oh honey. I can empathise. I went from my healthiest almost exactly a year ago to gaining a TON (okay maybe like 10-12kg) in the last year. I go through periods of being really angry (because I was diagnosed with an illness that the medication required makes me gain weight), to frustrated (even when I exercise, I keep putting it on), to grateful (for feeling healthy now). But no one knows my story, they just think I’ve gained weight. I bought a ton of new clothes, and part of me hopes I don’t have to wear them for that long. I get the funk. You’re not alone, my darling. xo

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