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Dear Diary – my 2014 goal

Dear Diary,

I’ve decided in 2014 I will be awesome. A bold statement I know, and a statement with no real goal… don’t worry I do understand that too, but it’s my mission nonetheless. With my new found awesomeness I imagine myself standing on hill top with my awesome cape billowing in the wind (and yet my hair still looking amazing) with my new found awesomeness I will get more out of life, be happier, more active and wow everybody with my “go getter” attitude.

If you Google “what is awesome” the answer is “extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe” so it’s more than a fairly broad goal, it’s almost a reinvention of myself, maybe some kind of life crisis bought on by approaching thirty, buying a house and getting married. Awesome is described as “breathtaking, amazing, stunning, astounding, stupendous, staggering, extraordinary, incredible and unbelievable” and I’m okay with being described as such. My real inspiration for wanting to be awesome is Jimi Hunt the man behind “Live More Awesome”… Jimi is someone who is destined to be a positive change-marker in New Zealand and I definitely want to be seen in a similar light.

Jimi Hunt.

Currently I’m not quite awesome, I don’t stand out and I’m fairly non-memorable. I don’t inspire, I’m not a change maker and I’m not known for anything. After attending The Women Of Influence awards in 2013 I was motivated to be an influencer, a change maker, and someone who inspire others to do the same. So I declare in 2014 I will be awesome! Although in all honesty I haven’t really decided how. I understand what awesome means but how does one become awesome? What do awesome people do? I figured Google would know, or at least point me in the right direction…. And boy did it! Surprisingly enough Google pointed me in the direction of lots really relevant tips.

Presenting 3 Ways To Be Awesome care of WikiHow.

1) Use talent to inspire all:

  • Develop a talent. Whatever your talent is, pursue it. People who become “awesome” at what they do invest a lot of time into getting there. Nobody ever said that being awesome was easy and I guess that’s what sets awesome apart from ordinary.
  • Show off your talent. You could be the most amazing dancer, writer, singer or musician in the world, but you won’t inspire awe in people if nobody ever sees your talent. Being awesome, by definition, means putting yourself out there, no matter how scary that is.
  • Get feedback. Feedback can be scary and a little hard to handle but whether it’s from a coach, a parent, or a panel, getting advice on what you can do to get better at your talent is absolutely essential. A famous poet once said, “No man is an island.” What John Donne meant by that is that you need to rely on other people to help you out. You can’t do everything by yourself no matter how much you’d like to.
  • Have a mentor. A mentor is someone who is experienced in your field and willing to give you advice and help with the direction you want to take your talent. Having a mentor is huge for people who want to be awesome because of a talent; a mentor will help them process feedback; get new opportunities to show off talent, and network with other people who might continue to help them out.
  • Learn from your failures. It’s a given that when developing a talent, you’re going to fail every so often. If you didn’t fail, you wouldn’t be human. What most people do when they fail is give up which is easy. If you want to be awesome, you’ll have to get right back up, shake it off, and learn from your mistakes, not letting them keep you down and just keep on trying.

I’m not quite sure what my talent is, having never entered Miss Universe I’ve never had to prepare my “talent portion” of the show. But that’s something I can work on.

2) Use your Personality To Inspire Awe:

  • Be funny. All but the most cynical pessimists like someone who can make them smile and laugh. That’s why being funny is a huge part of using your personality to be awesome. The good and the bad part about comedy is that there’s no one way to do it, meaning  you can develop your own sense of what’s funny by being totally yourself and original, but it also means that there’s no real “how-to” guide for being funny.
  • Be adventurous. Being adventurous means turning everyday opportunities into excuses to find adventure, it means instead of saying “Nah” you say “heck yeah” and give things ago. Remember, you don’t need to be Indiana Jones or Bear Grylls to be adventurous; you just need to be willing to take the road less traveled every once in a while and throw caution to the wind.
  • Unlock your inner awesome. The most awesome people aren’t even aware of their awesomeness, which sounds a little like a catch-22, how will I know when I’ve achieved awesomeness? These awesome people just “are”, without thinking about it too much. Awesomeness comes from a place within you, and you can never force it out.
  • Express your awesome traits through style. Develop a style that is entirely your own – which can sound mildly frightening. Don’t mimic a style that you think is hip; make your own style hip by believing completely in it and never questioning what other people say about it. At almost 30 I’m yet to pick a style and more often than not I think I’d like to emulate someone else’s style.
  • Have a fun personality. Realise that your personality says more about you as a person that you looks or appearance, although those can be important. Be nice, understanding, friendly, giving, and charming (both inside and out). People don’t like a mean, selfish, unfriendly, boring person. AMEN!!! To quote my mostly unused Catholic education “Do unto others as you want done to you”. In 2014 I will be… nice! Understanding! Friendly! Giving! Charming! And a better listener!

So without a how-to guide I may struggle with being funny…. I could possibly muster Funny Peculiar as opposed to Funny Ha Ha Ha and if I could do this without over thinking, then I guess I wouldn’t be writing this blog, but I am almost a 100% certain I can managed being more adventurous, fun and expressing myself. Go me!

3) Inspiring Awe Through Giving:

  • Be a role model to younger kids. You can be a role model in so many different ways. Consider this, however: if you do decide to help out kids, be sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Helping kids just because you want to be viewed as awesome is a little like going on a diet because you want people to like you, not because you want to be healthy. If you’re not doing it for the right reasons you will struggle.
  • Get involved in politics. How often do we complain about politics? How often do we do anything about it? Running for office or getting involved in local politics is a great way to make a difference in your community and test your political tenacity.
  • Help people less privileged than you. There’s no legal responsibility to be charitable to those less fortunate but there is almost a moral responsibility. Most of us here in NZ have things pretty sweet but there are those who struggle for whatever reason. Even if you feel nobody has helped you out and you simply believe in the principle, of paying it forward charity towards those less fortunate is a great way to make a positive change for an individual or group. “Pay it forward” it the concept based on repaying a kind deed by doing a kind deed for someone else…. And then that person repays your kind deed by doing another kind act for someone else starting a chain reaction almost like a wave of kindness.
  • Get involved in a cause that you believe in. What do you believe in? Do you believe in animal rights? Get involved in PETA or a similar organization. Do you believe in fighting global warming? Get involved in green energy solutions. Do you believe in basic financial literacy? Get involved in guerrilla economics. Whatever it is you believe in, being awesome is all about showing the world what makes you tick and standing up for what you believe in and are passionate about.

Minus “getting involved in politics” which to me almost sounds mind numbingly boring and totally confusing I think I can manage inspiring awe through giving… I just need to think carefully about how and what I’ll focus my energies on. I know I can find a cause I believe in… I just need to narrow it down to one, because despite my cape of awesomeness I am only human and I have to draw a line. I can’t be everything to everybody and I can’t take on the world and all it’s problems without ending up feeling completely defeated.

I will eventually come up with a more precise plan for my becoming awesome, and put it into action.

Let me know what you believe makes someone truly awesome.


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  1. safiwi

    Well I’m no expert; I’ve still got a lot to work on myself! But my interpretation of awesome would include being true to yourself, inspiring others with your passion, courage and kindness, never stop learning, show love and act on your dreams.

  2. Dee

    Love the way you think SAFIWI…. nobody is perfect but nice to see you’re giving it a bash

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