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Mental Health

The Power of Thank You.

We generally say “Thank you” when required… when we’re handed our coffee or when we’re given a gift, but how often do we thank someone in detail. How often do we thank someone for truly touching our lives, lifting our mood, for the effort they put in at work or the way they enrich our lives? I know I’m guilty of forgetting to, I guess sometimes we just assume “thank you” is implied.

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, perhaps that’s how they ensure everyone is thanked accordingly. Here in New Zealand we don’t typically celebrate Thanksgiving so outside of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines and Christmas how do we thank people? How do we make sure the people in our lives know that we’re appreciative and gratefully?

It feels good to thank people, and it feels good to be thanked. When someone honestly thanks me,  I feel a little zing like I’ve earned a gold star on my star chart and the bigger the thank you then the bigger the zing. It’s almost as though an honest heartfelt thank you has magical powers. In fact, if life were a video game the aim would be to secure as many of these heartfelt thank you’s as possible while also ensuring you thank people properly too. Hali Tsotetsi on Mind Body Green highlights saying thank you as one of the 10 Small Acts of Kindness you can Practice Daily. Hali believes that gratitude is  not only for the person you’re thanking, but also for the one doing the thanking. She says “gratitude can remind you how fortunate you are to have received something that is worth saying thank you for in the first place”.

Thank you’s shouldn’t be saved up,  and as it’s fairly unlikely I’ll ever win an Oscar I should probably quit saving my thank you’s for an acceptance speech and make sure the people in my life know how truly appreciative and grateful I am

As the Dalai Lama says When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others.” Knowing someone respects you all gives the zing feeling and I’m sure like me, you want your friends and family to feel respected. 

In May I’m going to work on thanking someone properly as often as I can, it will be like paying off old debit, I already feel lighter and happier knowing I’ve shown enough respect to thank someone properly.

It feels good to say “thank you“, don’t forget!