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The Good Review

The Sensible Shoe Game

I don’t do towering heels, not keen on teetering around  like a modern day geisha. I’m a practical gal and much prefer cute flats or chunky heels. Once upon a time I thought some events were compulsory high heel events… but I’ve given up on that and am embracing practical and cute.

Whether teaming them up with a jeans or a dress the above shoes won’t have you teetering around near to tears but will still have you dressed appropriately. The trick is what you team it up with… the easiest way to go dressy is jewellery, bag and material.

Material” sounds a little cryptic, so allow me to explain. Given it’s not a ball or wedding you can possibly get away with wearing tidy jeans or trousers provided your top half is dressy. Think about the material type, some materials lend themselves more to a dressy occasion.

BUT life isn’t always a fancy occasion, there is definitely always need for casual cool and as a die hard Converse fan this is always my favourite look!

Now Converse fans don’t shoot! As a hardcore Converse fan myself  I was convinced there was no other… until I got my pair of Deuce sneakers from Overland.  A lot of people find Chucks a little lacking in cushioning and a bit like wearing wooden paddles and Deuce fixes that, same Converse look, BUT WITH CUSHIONING!!!! I’ve wanted floral Chucks since forever, but missed the boat in terms of getting the limited ones several years back… so I was all over floral Deuce.

And just because it wouldn’t be fair. Some cool casual add-ons.

There are few rules with casual look and everyone always has their go-to favs. I love a good comfy sweater, rolled up jeans and espadrilles or Deuce sneakers. A casual look is kind you don’t mind being seen at the super market in or could happily walk along the beach and nowadays a good life motivating slogan doesn’t hurt either.