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Dear Diary – The Week That Was

The Week That Was is proudly bought to you by old school tunes, excel spreadsheets, your local gym, the number 6 and cowgirls.

I’m sitting in my dining room listening to Mack The Knife by Louis Armstrong and gazing out towards the sea and Waiheke Island. This week has gone by quickly, yet parts of it seem like an entirely separate week.


I’m trying to be healthy, but let’s be clear I’m not on a diet. I’m trying to make positive changes in my diet as well as get fitter. As  much as I hate to admit it, I always feel better when I’m exercising regularly and eating well. Once this healthiness has become more of habit then I will concentrate on dropping the extra 10 kilos I picked up in 2014.

I’ve been paying attention to what I put into my body and what exercise I’m doing. This week, minus a few little hiccups I’ve done well. I managed to hit the gym 6 times this week and several times even went for a walk in the evening too. I’ve eaten more salad than I normally would AND I’ve had a proper breakfast everyday.

“I did have one panic when I thought I was spilling out the back of my gym pants –
turns out, they were just on backwards” phew.

This week I did battle with spreadsheets and numbers at work. I’m not naturally good with the numbers, I see them and fall to the floor and start writhing immediately. I was struggling to see what my boss was saying should be right in front of me… I was beginning to feel a little stupid. I didn’t want to admit defeat or fail. BUT when I asked someone else about it, it turns out I wasn’t looking at the correct spreadsheets. There are TWO P&L spreadsheets and TWO different budget documents *a light bulb flicks on* and on the correct documents the numbers were right in front of me.

I don’t like asking for help, I don’t want to bother people and I feel like I should know these things and I get mad with myself when I don’t. My boss obviously senses this as she often makes a point of saying “just ask” or “ask me for help“. In fact my boss is quite amazing, I asked a few weeks back if I could have access to the work computer drives at home so I could squeeze more work into day and SHE SAID NO! She said she didn’t want me working non-stop and thinks I wouldn’t switch off. She is probably right.

Saturday night involved attending my friends hen’s party, which I was rather nervous about … especially since the only person I knew was the bride-to-be AND it was a themed occasion with party games (which I hate at of pure embarrassment)

Having watched far to much American TV, I always have that fear of being the only one in costume.

I decided to bite the bullet and dress up properly and play party games.

My goal for January I am trying new things!!

big tick

So far I’ve tired:

  • Micro-dermabrasion.
  • Spray tan.
  • Reaching out to friends and making last minute social plans.
  • Riding a mechanical bull.
  • Attending a hen’s party by myself where I know just the bride-to-be.
  • Asking for help.
  • Getting properly into dress-up mode for a party where I new only 1 person.

This week I will try:

  • Working with a new trainer at the gym in terms of developing my program. My old trainer left, and normally my response would be to just forget about it.

Things said last week, that I never thought I’d say:

  • “You’re right, with this moustache I do look exactly like my dad”
  • “Sports bras are expensive, I wish you could them on your wedding registry for gifts”

“So in short – Ask for help. Exercise.
Eat right (but not all the time.). Have fun.”


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  1. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    You look amazing! I hope you had a fantastic night. And good on you for getting back into the exercise swing of things (and so much!); that’s definitely an area that I need to improve on!

  2. Meagan Kerr

    I love the costume you went with! That moustache really did make the outfit.

    • Dee

      I really loved the moustache … it totally made the night. I did end up with new nickname, mo.

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