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Mental Health

Tips for being Awesome

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  • Do what you think; people will respect you. Have a weird idea? Make it a reality. Don’t let neigh sayers stand in your way.
  • Awesome, is when your being yourself and being confident, also try new things and be creative!
  • Be for the sake of being, not for the sake of others’ seeing. In other words, be awesome because YOU want to, not because you feel you have to seem awesome to others.
  • Remember, some people will say they hate you but make sure to not let it affect you, as they could be just jealous. Remember nobody is universally liked.
  • Don’t worry. Initially people may criticize you but later they’ll know your worth.
  • Learn to speak a foreign language. People look up to those who can do what they cannot.
  • Get good friends!!!! If you don’t have friends that will respect you then it will put you down and make you worry about things in life. Think quality rather than quantity.
  • Being awesome can come from knowledge. Others will look up to you for your vast knowledge of all things interesting.
  • Become popular. I know it sounds like a case of easier said than done but it is actually so easy when you are just incredibly nice to people and take charge. Be a leader, but don’t always take control of your surroundings.
  • Awesome people are just awesome. Believe and you come it.
  • Awesomeness will come from inside you. You probably don’t know it’s there. But it is inside everyone, it’s just waiting for you to open that door and set it free.
  • Awesome people don’t sweat the small stuff… as many a person has said “shit happens”.

Clearly tackling all of these tips would be a mamoth task, focus on what you want and who you want to be.