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Twenty-five Reasons I’m a Weirdo

Embrace your inner weirdo! It’s far more fun than desperately trying to be something your not, and far less tiring too. I’ve always been a bit of a weirdo (in a good way, not a call the cops because I’m scary kinda way). I’m generally drawn to people who are a little bit kooky, and I’m certainly from a family of slightly kooky people (although they don’t always see it) and just to prove I’m a happy we weirdo here’s twenty-five reasons I’m a weirdo.


  1. I like to sleep on the opposite side to the bedroom door – so if badies turn up my partner can defend me. Of course I’m assuming all badies enter via the door and not the window.
  2. I’m right handed but also wear my watch on my right hand purely because my Dad does.
  3. I get embarrassed for people on TV sometimes and can’t watch, including fictional people.
  4. My Dad is an auctioneer, and I desperately want him to read them lyrics to Eminem Lose Yourself – because it would be funny, right?
  5. On my first day at my new primary school when I was 6 I decided to read poetry to the class, entirely unprompted.
  6. I sing the entire drive to and from work every weekday, even though it leaves me with a sore throat.
  7. I can’t sleep with the wardrobe doors in our bedroom open, in case my childhood fear of the clothes turning into people is legitimate.
  8. I LOVE to people watch… and often get caught out.
  9. I pull faces when I type, write, read, watch TV, talk…. I can’t help it.
  10. I don’t really like birds,  especial chickens, but I do like sketches of birds.
  11. I want a pet goat.
  12. My Nana jokingly told me as a kid that eating the bread crusts would put hair on my chest (or perhaps she was talking to my little brother)… even now each time I eat a crust I’m a little concerned she might have actually been telling the truth.
  13. I’ve never got my university degree framed or even picked up the photos of me walking across the stage and getting my degree.
  14. Sometimes in winter I go to bed early purely because I really like my electric blanket.
  15. I gave up Speech and Drama at intermediate so I could watch the TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S… and I don’t regret that.
  16. At about age 6 I was convinced I couldn’t smile properly and spent weeks practicing.
  17. When I was a child I really really really wanted glasses and when my eye test determined I didn’t need them I suggested to my Mum I might need a hearing aid instead.
  18. I joined Twitter purely to prove a point.
  19. I’m determined to make something out of pallets… by I mean we, by we I really mean my partner.
  20. I have four “project” chairs. Two I’ve started, two I haven’t, all of which I’ve had for 2-6 years.
  21. I wish I was a cat, they seem to do a good job of sleeping and always look cosy.
  22. I respect fellow weirdos  more than non-weirdos.
  23. My cat Timmy and my dog Rufus both need bow ties  – I’m sure of it.
  24. My very dreams are the ones in which I create kick-ass things off Pinterest or stumble across amazing finds in junk shops.
  25. TradeMe is an easy way for me to kill time… I love scrolling through piles piles of random listings on TradeMe.

I was told today “weirdos often don’t like weirdos who are a different type of weirdo to themselves” (phew, trying saying that ten times fast) which I think is plan old WEIRD, don’t be that kind of weirdo. We’re a little different, embrace it.